The Rising Popularity Of Memorial Diamonds And Why You Should Consider Them

When referring to memorial items, we usually think about old or vintage family heirlooms that were kept in our families for a very long time. Those items could be photos, pocket watches, a vintage wooden desk in some cases, or even precious jewelry.

However, when it comes to jewelry, you wouldn’t expect to find someone wearing a memorial diamond. This is because, when it comes to memorial items people rely on the jewelry of their loved ones, mostly beads, bracelets, necklaces, and so on. Naturally, these don’t usually feature diamonds.

On the other hand, people have found a way to emphasize remembrance more. Instead of wearing or using the items of their deceased loved one, people now rely on a so-called memorial diamond to cherish their memory.

The Creation of Memorial Diamonds

You won’t find a memorial diamond at your local jewelry store. In fact, if you want the type of memorial diamond we are talking about, then you will have to personally contact someone who can create it for you.

This is because such diamonds are made from either ash or hair and take more than usual to craft. Therefore, you can have a memorial diamond to remember your grandparents or one to remind you of your pets, if you wish so.

The team behind Heart in Diamond needs very little fur, hair, or ashes to start creating your diamond. They will extract the carbon from the aforementioned materials and then use it to literally grow your memorial diamond. 

A Celebration of the Lost Lives

More and more people consider memorial diamonds, mainly because they would rather celebrate a lost life than remember it with sadness. Of course, the feeling you get from looking at your grandfather’s pocket watch, for example, and remembering him cannot be replaced. However, a memorial diamond gives you the opportunity to share the stories of your loved ones.

You’ll have the opportunity to celebrate lost lives by wearing a diamond made from either ashes or from the fur of a lost pet. Moreover, every time someone asks you about your new diamond, you’ll proudly introduce them to the life and stories that it holds within.

More than Just a Diamond

Most of the time, memorial items are items that we keep to ourselves and don’t share with too many people. This is mainly due to the heavy memories that they carry. On the other hand, a memorial diamond can be seen as a shortcut to the brightest memories we have with that one person or pet. 

On top of that, given that you can choose the color of your memorial diamond, cut it the way you want, and then set it in your preferred piece of jewelry, it is safe to say that you can create a memorial item that can perfectly emphasize the memories of lives lost.

The Bottom Line

One way or another, memorial diamonds are the new way through which we can make sure that our lost loved ones never get forgotten. 

The old pearl necklace or the cherry wood jewelry box can get lost or forgotten in an attic – but a memorial diamond will be worn every single day and used to cherish the memory of the most important beings in our lives. It goes without saying why so many people today are choosing memorial diamonds and perhaps you will too. 

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