4 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

We all want to be attractive and vibrant. We want to fight the tell-tale signs of aging. We want to feel beautiful every day. When we look good, we feel good: we feel happy and confident. We can take on anything that life has to offer! There’s nothing that stands in a beautiful, positive person’s way.

We’re always on the lookout for the signs of aging. We want to eliminate frown lines, reduce age spots, saggy skin, fat and stubborn wrinkles. We know we’re all getting older, but we don’t want to feel like we’re getting older. How can we embrace who we are on the inside, while also feeling confident on the outside? Here are 4 simple ways you can enhance your natural beauty:

1. Botox treatments

Botox treatments are one method that millions of people swear by. Botox injections are very safe when performed by professionals and are an affordable alternative to plastic surgery. Botox injections help eliminate frown lines by preventing the repeated muscle contractions that cause those lines to form in the first place. It’s commonly used for lines around the forehead and those pesky crow’s feet around the eyes. Repeated treatments are often very effective against age lines and wrinkles. Botox is not effective against wrinkles caused by sun or gravity, however.

2. Drink plenty of water

Our bodies use water as a cleansing agent. Drinking water throughout the day can help our bodies eliminate toxins. Don’t drink a gallon or two of water all at once, however! You need to allow your body time to clean your system gradually, and you can’t force it into performing that process all at once. Plus, you may end up making yourself sick.

Drinking beverages like coffee or alcohol regularly or in large quantities can negate that process and leave you feeling dehydrated. Dehydration causes wrinkles to be more visible. Another alternative is a glass of green tea. Its antioxidant properties can help lower cholesterol, improve blood flow and circulation and aids in your overall health. Plus, it tastes great too!

3. Get enough rest

When we sleep, our bodies are busy renewing our cells and healing aches, pains and injuries. Not getting enough rest leaves us looking and feeling tired. To get a good night’s sleep every day, drink a glass of water before bed (avoid caffeine before bedtime), try some stretching or deep breathing exercises, take a relaxing bath with a few aromatherapy oils added in, or just read a good book. Turn off the tablet, put the phone down and avoid anything else that may distract from your sleep. Put your mind and body at ease so that you can have a relaxing slumber that will recharge you mentally and physically. A nice nap on a lazy Saturday or Sunday can also work wonders on recharging your energy.

4. Protect your skin in all weather

The dry winter chill can often leave our lips chapped and our skin feeling dry and flaky. The hot summer sun can often burn our skin if we’re exposed to it too much. Use a good moisturizer for your skin daily to protect it in any weather. Use sunscreen or olive oil or coconut oil in the summer and lip balm whenever your lips feel dry and chapped. Soft skin helps us look and feel beautiful year round! Just be consistent with your routine, and don’t neglect your skin, no matter how busy you are.

Some other helpful tips:

Eat healthy foods that taste good and are good for you. Cutting fatty foods, sweets, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco from your diet can also make you feel healthier and more active. Look for foods that are high in vitamins, minerals and protein to help you look and feel more beautiful. Healthy foods add to a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise regularly. Sweating during a good workout opens your pores and helps your body rid itself of dirt, dry skin cells and toxins. Exercise releases endorphins, improves blood flow and also makes your heart feel healthy. Sometimes a few quick stretching exercises or practicing a few yoga poses during a break can make a lot of difference during your busy day.

Wear less makeup

This helps your pores to breathe, free of chemicals. Cleansing your face before and after wearing makeup will also help prevent buildups that lead to acne, pimples, blackheads and clogged pores. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle daily scrub to remove stubborn makeup and clear your pores. Remember, your skin absorbs a lot of the chemicals that you put onto it, even if you are taking the time to scrub and rinse them away at the end of the day. Read labels carefully, and focus on products that have more natural ingredients. Natural products can be more expensive than name-brand skin care products, but do much less damage to your skin.

Take a deep breath.

Whenever you’re feeling anxious or just stressed, take a time out. Mediate or just take a couple of minutes to focus on something positive. Focus on that one thing and block out everything else.

Think beautiful.

True beauty comes from within. If you think and know that you are beautiful, then you will feel beautiful. Smiling not only makes you feel happy, but it also lifts the muscles around your lips and eyes and gives your brain a positive boost as well. Focus on what motivates and drives you.

Share that beautiful mindset with others.

When you smile at people, they usually tend to smile back. Happiness is obvious. When you’re happy and share that happiness with others, it can make everyone around you feel beautiful and positive. The more happy and positive people that you have around you, the more beautiful and positive you feel internally.

If you’re thinking of taking botox or starting a new exercise program to help you look and feel beautiful, be sure to consult your doctor or physician first, especially if you are on any active medications, have been ill recently or if you have any allergies. Talk to a professional so that you know the pros and cons before you make this decision.

Whatever you decide, take the time to do what’s best for you that keeps within your budget and your schedule. A positive mindset will put you on your way to improving and enhancing your natural beauty every day.

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