9 Social Media Ideas For Your Wedding Day

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The relevance of social media rises by the day in the wedding industry, especially when planning a modern wedding. Things have changed, and couples incorporate wedding social media ideas to reach more family and friends, sharing their nuptials. It’s not only so much fun, but it’s also a very creative way to save memories for a long time.

If you’re getting married soon, you’ll enjoy adopting some social media app ideas for your wedding. Tik Tok video, Facebook stories, and more. See 9 creative wedding ideas for social media in this post.

1. Build a social media wall for the wedding 

Things like cute photos and videos, wedding ceremony ideas, and lots more will be well shared using your wedding hashtag. Before your wedding day, use a social media aggregator tool to get all these feed shared. Then set up a social media wall and run up all feed on digital signage. 

This is an attractive and classic idea which will sit well with guests. Seeing their posts displayed on your social media wall, makes them feel important. You’ve just made them part of something memorable. 

2. Develop a personalized Snapchat filter

Is there a particular way you want your wedding to look? Or you plan to take creative wedding photos that for specific geography? Pay a little sum on Snapchat and get a custom made filter. This adds sauce to the event rather than take from it. It’s advised you do this in advance before the wedding. This ensures that Snapchat reviews and approves it right on time. 

3. Create a social media photo booth

You can bring social media down to your wedding in the form of a photo booth. Create props for Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Include your names, hashtag, and like icons. Guests will have fun taking snapshots in these props.

4. Build a wedding blog

A wedding blog is the biggest platform to document your big day. It takes on everything from telling your love story, to getting guests to interact, down to sharing live videos and pictures. The blog stays on long after the wedding and can become an archive for later years. Simply include the site URL on the wedding invitation and save dates. Guests will log on to get with the fun.

5. Host a wedding day scavenger hunt 

Hosting a wedding scavenger hunt is a major way to infuse fun at a wedding. You know, the wedding program doesn’t have to contain just the wedding sermons and agenda of the day. One of the best wedding program ideas is to include tasks for the scavenger hunt in the program. 

All these tasks must also be duly completed on social media, best choice being Instagram or Snapchat. Examples include, “go take a picture with the best man. Show us your best dance steps, etc.” Before posting, include the wedding hashtag. This is the real wedding icebreaker. 

6. Use Tik Tok videos

A Tik Tok video is another cool way for guests to heighten the fun. Log into your account, make a video, add the perfect songs and filters, and then publish. Guests can also follow each other, building new strings of relationship. It is similar to Snapchat but can take a longer length of videos. These videos are well saved for the longest time. 

7. Live stream on Facebook  

Conduct your wedding in real-time using Facebook stories. This is especially for couples who eloped or cannot get all their desired guests to attend. The beautiful thing is that you can also make it a private affair. Create a closed page and add only people of your choice. Update pictures constantly even as you live stream, and they won’t miss a thing. 

8. Use your Instagram stories 

Instagram stories can capture very lengthy videos. You can live stream your wedding with family and friends using Instagram stories. Guests can also do the same. If anyone missed out on the live feed, they still have until the next 24 hours to view it. This is because it automatically saves. 

9. Create a personalized wedding hashtag 

Although common among modern couples, a wedding hashtag never goes out of style. The hashtag makes it easy for you to pool all feed, giving you a huge gallery of memories. One fact to note is that your wedding hashtag must be easy to remember. 

So, it’s simpler to use a combination of your names and maybe add the wedding year. An example is Lisa and Alessandro + 2020 combined, it gives “Lisandro2020”. Once you’ve created a hashtag, let your guests know you’d appreciate that they use it. Leave subtle reminders on place cards, programs, etc.

These creative wedding social media options are fun, easy to use and will ensure your special day remains unforgettable.

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