Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery On Your Self-Esteem

Large breasts can be a highly coveted feature for some women, wishing they could have bigger breasts than they do and even go through surgery to enhance them. It seems like an ideal situation to have naturally large breasts, especially given the media pressure and imagery shown through advertising over the past few decades, but there are lots of women who feel quite the opposite.  

Find out how breast reduction surgery can help women with large breasts improve their self-esteem.

Large Breasts & Self-Esteem

It may seem as if having larger breasts would be a good thing, but the reality is many women find it to be more of a burden than a blessing. Here are some reasons why:

Negative Attention

One reason for this is that people sexualize, objectify and harass them because of this feature — something that they have no control over. Some women have experienced this negative attention from a very young age. 

Seeing that people treat you poorly because of the way you look can have a profound impact on your self-esteem. 

Physical Discomfort 

Large breasts can also come with a lot of physical discomforts, like neck pain and nerve damage. It’s difficult to feel good emotionally when you feel terrible physically, especially when you know that a part of your body is the reason behind your constant discomfort.

Limited Options

And finally, larger breasts can make you feel like a complete outsider when you go shopping for clothes. Properly fitted tops are difficult to find. Your bra options are limited and are focused more on being functional instead of fashionable. Certain items become more revealing and “inappropriate” when you try them on. This can all make you feel like beautiful clothes are meant for other people — not you. 

Breast Reduction Surgery

If you’ve tried to reduce the size of your breasts through diet and exercise, and yet they’re still too large, your best solution is breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammaplasty) is a procedure designed to reduce the volume and weight of breasts. A surgeon will make incisions in the breasts and remove excess fat, tissue and skin. Then they will close the incisions and reshape the breasts. 

Where can you get breast reduction surgery? If you want to get a breast reduction in Toronto, you can look into one of the GraceMed clinics. They have locations in North York, Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga. Book a consultation to discuss your plans for breast reduction surgery and get the process started. 

Breast Reduction & Self-Esteem

Women who go through with a breast reduction often feel that they’ve had a physical and emotional weight lifted off of them. Some were happy to no longer have big breasts define them since they had been labelled “the one with the big boobs” for so much of their lives. Some were relieved to no longer have constant back pain and soreness. Some were excited to wear spaghetti strap tops without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable. 

Most importantly, they felt like their lives had improved significantly after the surgery. They felt better about their breasts and bodies. 

If your large breasts are taking a toll on your self-esteem, it might be the right time to look into reduction surgery. It could be life-changing.

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