Get Familiar With “All Def Women” – The Digital Comedy Platform Amplifying Black & Brown Voices.

Megan “MegScoop” Thomas (L) Cynthia LuCiette (R)

There’s a great saying – “If you build it, they will come”. And together with the perfect storm of the global pandemic, the impact of the #MeToo movement exposing numerous famous male comedians who have been accused of sexual misconduct, and the rising number of women in comedy becoming household names, it is clear the comedy world has been ripe for change for a long time. Not just for more female voices, but women of color!

Enter All Def Women – a new platform that gives women comedians a platform to showcase their talent and break into the male-dominated world of comedy. As part of the larger All Def Digital channel, which is the largest Black-owned digital publisher on YouTube and Facebook, All Def Women was founded by two Black women, Megan Thomas (aka MegScoop) and Cynthia LuCiette, who are purposely giving space to more voices of color in comedy. The launch of All Def Women comes on the heels of the influx of Black women comedians, both emerging and traditional, taking the reins to help change the narrative of comedy being an “all-boys club” and pushing for more female representation within the genre. 

A little background on the founders: MegScoop, is the Head of Production of All Def. She is also a host, actress, model, producer, director, non-profit consultant and former radio show producer. In addition to the many hats she wears in her career she is mom to a two-year-old boy.  She is a proud “Black-and-Asian-country-girl” from Kentucky and is a trained actress and host, studying under acclaimed teachers like Margie Haber, Tasha Smith, Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB), Marki Costello and more.

Cynthia LuCiette is the Creative Director of All Def Women. She is a multi-platform producer, host and writer who has worked in the television and digital worlds with companies like FOX, BET, Yahoo TV, Fremantle and WEtv to name a few.

We had the opportunity to speak with Meg and Cynthia to learn more about All Def Women, and how women of color are changing the status quo in comedy forever. But first, get a little taste of what you can check out on the Youtube channel right now:

As the head of Production for All Def, talk us through what the company does and the type of content viewers gravitate to the most? 

MegScoop: In a nutshell, we create digital content. Most of our content is comedic, and it’s what most of our viewers know us for. Our content has been scripted, non-scripted, edgy, even corny (Dad Jokes!), but it’s usually entertaining. Besides our main channel, which is mostly comedic, All Def has grown to include other channels: All Def Music, Nation Gaming, Cannabis, Poetry, Latino and Women.

With the recently-launched All Def Women comedy channel, you are giving an even bigger platform to Black female comedians in a very white, male dominated arena. Why is this important to you personally? 

MS: Because I’m a funny Black female! No but seriously, being in this space, I started noticing there were barely any platforms for millennial, Black comedy. All Def does this well, but the comedy, talent and content skews male. Being a woman who knows brilliantly funny women, some of which have been on All Def, I started wondering where our specific platform was. So it just made sense to have a channel for women, by women, especially one for Black and Brown creators.

With an emergence of so many female comedies, especially women of color, over the past few years, how do you hope All Def Women will contribute to the progress and change the landscape?

Cynthia LuCiette: We have a chance to create an oasis for women to thrive, vent, laugh, cry, whatever you want sis! I get teary eyed reading the comments from our women viewers who tell us how much these shows and videos are helping them get through their life! We are going to create a community where all types of women can share and shine!

Why did you and Cynthia decide to launch All Def Women, and what do you hope it will change for women in comedy in general? 

MS: We wanted a space where millennial women could showcase their funny content and show the world that we, too, consume and create this content, especially from a Black and Brown perspective. My hope is that when you think of comedy, you don’t automatically think of a man because us ladies are just as funny!

Since the Pandemic hit, more and more comedy fans have been turning to online platforms to find content. How do you think this trend will continue in the future when things go back to “normal”?

MS: This is our new normal; online content is here to stay! And it’s only going to grow. This next generation of consumers only know online content, so this is the wave of the future.

Where do you envision All Def Women heading over the next few years, even beyond the pandemic?

CL: Having our own headquarters/office that has a lot of pink decor! But seriously, I see this becoming the #1 destination for people to watch talented and funny women. I love creating shows and content that you wouldn’t expect women to do.

You wear many hats, so to speak: performer, consultant, producer, director, baker, and mom! What does a typical day look like for you?

MS: It looks like a tornado-typhoon and a beautiful rainbow, all rolled into one LOL. As soon as my eyes open, I hit the floor running. Making meals, getting on Zoom calls, cleaning up poopy messes, doing makeup and hair, filming content, answering a thousand emails, workout (this one needs some work), sending edit notes for my podcast, bathing a squirmy toddler and trying to sleep at least six hours. I’m all over the place! But I’m learning to delegate and balance. 

As a producer, host and writer who has worked for major networks like BET, FOX, WeTV and more, why do you think it is more important than ever for creatives like yourself to launch their own ventures and platforms?

CL: It’s super important for creators to always create content for their own platforms. That is where they can be 100% themselves and connect directly to their audience. I had no idea how to start a career in the entertainment industry and I’m so thankful the internet industry was starting to flourish at the same time I was starting my journey. I was able to book a job with Bunim Murray Productions to produce and host a daily show for a Youtube channel, and this started me down the path of digital production. This is a big reason why I enjoy working for All Def because they encourage and support their talent’s personal ventures.

Can you share any personal negative experiences you have had as a performer that made you realize the importance of more women amplifying each other’s work?

CL: I used to co-write a lot of sketches with my ex but he would never give me a co-writer credit and I realized even though we were BOTH in the sketches everyone would just assume he wrote it all because he’s a male comedian and that frustrated me because I would be like “those are my jokes”! So I decided I needed to believe in myself and get tougher so I started doing stuff on my own and really represent women in scripted comedy.

We are seeing so much momentum toward diversity in entertainment, but it is still slow. Why does representation matter? 

MS: Because all of us come from a different place – culturally, geographically, emotionally, physically –  and all of that uniqueness brings value to the stories we tell! I’ve learned that even though stories might get told through different lenses, we can always relate. And also because the Lord thought it was important enough to make everyone look different, so why not make sure that same diversity is shown in the content we consume?

Who are some of your fave Black female comedians right now, that we should be paying attention to?

CL: Cynthia LuCiette, Precious Hall, Kanisha Buss, Roxxy Haze, Kamira White.

For anyone new to the All Def Women platform, what should they expect?

MS: Laughs, joy, a moment to escape from their problems, and possibly discovering their newest favorite comedian, who just happens to be a woman! Basically, dope content that you always knew you needed, but couldn’t find anywhere else.

For women of color who are starting out in the comedy world and are struggling to find the right opportunities, what advice would you give them?

CL: Firstly, I would say…DON’T YOU DARE DOUBT YOURSELF! You have a voice and you need to use it. If you can’t find the opportunity create it, sis! And secondly DM @AllDefWomen and let’s work together.

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