Getting Into The Acting World With Minimal Experience

There are approximately 155k people employed in the entertainment industry as actors, so anyone coming in will have to work considerably hard to get a spot. This might look scary for anyone trying to get into show business with nothing on their resume. But the good news is you can get paid roles without experience if you do a few key things. Here are some ways to get your foot in the door in the acting world. 

1.     Read and study 

You must familiarize yourself with the industry before you attempt to join. What are the ins and out, people involved, and what works? Read books about acting, marketing, talent agents, among others to gain confidence and understanding of where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Watch the best Netflix movies of 2019 and watch how other actors go about their roles and bring the characters to life. Develop your plan of action from what you read and merge it with your dreams and aspirations. 

2.     Stay put 

Certain cities definitely have more substantial opportunities in the film and TV industry, but stay put for now. Starting your career at your hometown will give you plenty of exposure in the small-time productions. The experience you need on your resume is right out your backdoor. Start your saving journey if you haven’t from these roles and have a safety net for when you finally move. Big cities have more opportunities, but they are expensive and the competition is high. Take advantage of less competitive markets and explore every opportunity that comes your way. Seek out jobs, go for auditions, and do whatever it takes to get up and get roles. 

3.     Improve your skills 

Directors are always on the lookout for people with something more to offer. For instance, are you a pro athlete? Can you play a musical instrument, or are you an acrobat? Put these skills in your resume. They can be what will set you apart. Learn a new skill and spend time improving the skills to professional levels because it’s not enough to ‘know how to.’ You can learn anything from a new language, accents, magic, and so much more. 

4.     Start as an extra 

It’s easier to go for more prominent roles to earn a good living, but it’s easier to land a position as an extra when starting. Extra work will help pay the bills and create networks that can help you land lead roles. Always pay attention to the director and follow instructions as given. Also, refrain from looking at the camera. These two tips will land you extra work. Actors like Brian Estwick started as extras before they made it to lead roles. 

Acting requires you to take action, but like marketing, you must be ready to hear ‘no’ a lot of times. Don’t give up. Ask for feedback and remain positive. Keep going for auditions and get an agent if you have to. Persistence, a good attitude, and skills will land you roles.

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