Her Struggle With Infertility Led This Dr. To Create The First FDA-Approved At-Home Ovulation Test

We’re big believers in the idea that women who solve problems become the world’s best entrepreneurs. And when it comes to reproductive health, it is an imperative we see drastic innovation that puts control back in the hands of women, rather than just legislators as we are seeing some scary regression when it comes to policies and access based on medical and scientific facts.

One woman who understands taking control of one’s own reproductive health is Dr. Amy Beckley, founder, CEO and inventor of Proov Progesterone Test (by MFB Fertility). Having navigated her own fertility and reproductive struggles, Amy used that experience as well as her medical background to create a company that is helping numerous other women. And that’s only the beginning, because it was recently announced that Proov received FDA (Food and Drug Administration) clearance, making it the first-ever FDA-cleared product that allows for ovulation confirmation at home!

The Boulder-based medical company was created to empower women to know more about their reproductive health, and the announcement of its FDA clearance comes on the heels of additional momentum from the team, including a recent $50,000 grant from the Air Force to support military couples who are trying to conceive.

Proov’s test strips measure the presence of PdG – a urine metabolite of progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone released by the ovary after ovulation.Tracking levels of PdG after suspected ovulation can confirm that ovulation has successfully occurred. Problems with ovulation are the leading cause of infertility in women, so checking for healthy ovulation is critical when it comes to trying to conceive.

“Receiving FDA clearance is a huge, pinnacle moment in our journey at MFB Fertility. We created Proov as a means to put the power and knowledge of reproductive health into the hands of women. I myself experienced years of struggling to conceive, multiple miscarriages and a feeling of general lacking within the fertility industry so I decided to leverage my doctorate in pharmacology and expertise in hormone signaling to do something about it which is how Proov ultimately came to be,” said Dr Beckley in a press statement.

Over 7 million couples suffer with infertility each year and the issues that Proov helps identify can help more than 40 percent of those couples. Proov test strips provide critical information about successful ovulation – information that can change the game for so many couples. If Proov results indicate a lack of ovulation or suboptimal ovulation, the fix can be as simple as lifestyle and diet changes or supplements and medications – solutions that are way less invasive and expensive that IVF. Regardless of results, Proov enables more informed conversations with doctors, helping women get treatment faster and ultimately closer to their desired outcomes.

From here, Proov plans to officially launch their mobile app this Spring. The software integration will help women to collect data on the hormones involved in ovulation to help get them closer to actionable answers. Additionally, the team will continue to build out its product pipeline, which includes products aimed at further addressing needs of women trying to conceive as well as expand to help women dealing with perimenopause.

With innovators and entrepreneurs like Dr. Amy Beckley at the steering wheel when it comes to reproductive healthcare in this day and age, we are certainly going to see a much-needed and exciting shift in who is in control when it comes to our health, our bodies, and our decisions.

To learn more about Proov®, visit ​proovtest.com​ and to learn more about PdG and the benefits of tracking it, visit ​https://proovtest.com/pages/faq​.

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