How To Set-Up The Ultimate Music Festival Campsite

With music festivals being all the rage in recent years it’s more and more of an event that we all have done at one point or another even some of them are so specific such as this one with the rule being each act has to have at least one female member, very cool! The classic way of doing it is to take advantage of the campsite if you are going for the whole weekend. But you don’t need to forgo luxury and comfort just because you are camping, let’s look at some of the ways we can make the ultimate music festival campsite.

Have A Way Of Playing Music

If you are at a music festival then one key point is music so if you have a system capable of giving a quality listening experience then you will not regret it and can even make your site the place to be on the campsite. There are so many high quality solar powered speakers out there that it’s no problem to get this right.

Light It Up

You don’t want to be stuck in the dark and these days it’s so much easier to get a classy method of illuminating your camp site rather than resorting to the pathetic old camping torch. Lanterns, candles, tiki torches are all perfectly feasible options to give you a colorful and pleasant evening and night experience, always be mindful of naked flames and campsite safety following any site rules closely.

Make Sure You Have The Power

If you are running a lot of these things power is something to be aware of and to make sure it lasts the whole weekend, you could use regular battery or even a small generator but a lot of people are going solar, especially with how important it is to be environmentally friendly these days. If you are lucky enough to have a motor-home you can easily add portable solar panels to your RV.

Have The Best Camp Kitchen

There’s nothing better than a good meal and if you have ever been to festival you will know the issues you can have with the food, it’s expensive, it can be limited and may not cater to different dietary needs. If you set a good camping stove and some tables you can easily make a decent makeshift kitchen and knock up grills and stir fries etc to be the envy of all your neighbours.

Keep It Comfortable

There are so many different types of camping furniture to be had from chairs to inflatable sofas, hammocks and so much more. Have a look at some of these luxurious camping set ups and see real furniture, fancy structures and so much more, ok you’re probably not going to go this far but it does certainly give some food for thought about what can be achieved.


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