Lab-Grown Diamonds Are A Girl’s New Best Friend

If you haven’t heard or seen already, lab-grown diamond trends are on the rise for all the right reasons. Not only are many millennial consumers choosing lab-grown diamonds for their engagement rings, but they are being worn by some of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood! These sustainable gems are chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds, but have a price-tag that is 30-40% less expensive. This means you can get a bigger carat for less (it’s a win/win scenario)! Not only will you be able to show off some serious bling, but you will be supporting a cause that protects our home planet.

There are two methods to growing a diamond in the lab:

  1. HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature)
    This replicates the exact conditions where diamonds grow naturally in the depths of the earth, whereby a microscopic diamond seed (pure carbon) is placed in a sealed chamber and exposed to extreme pressure and temperature. The temperature reached is in excess of 4,700°F (2,600°C) and extreme pressure of more than 50,000 atmospheres is applied. Once these optimum conditions are attained, the carbon seed dissolves into the now molten catalyst which is then carefully cooled over a period of six to ten weeks. During this time these carbon atoms gradually build onto the diamond seed thus creating a new gem. Each stage of this process is highly critical and there can be no fluctuations in the conditions or else the resulting diamond will be flawed and unusable for jewelry purposes. At the end of the process, the new lab-grown diamond is removed and will be cut and polished in exactly the same manner as a natural gem.
  2. CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)
    This process is a very different technique whereby a diamond seed is placed in a vacuum chamber and lower pressure is applied to a hydrocarbon gas. These gases are typically methane and hydrogen which are then heated to an extremely high temperature, resulting in the decomposition of the hydrogen to form pure carbon atoms (diamond). The release of these carbon atoms then drop and attach themselves to the original diamond seed much like dew droplets, gradually building into a new gem layer by layer. Once formed, the resulting rough gem will then be cut and polished using the same conventional methods as a mined diamond.

Both these processes eliminate any potential environmental harm that could be caused by mining for diamonds. Mining is responsible for irreversible damage to our Earth and oceans, and the industry has been tainted by worker exploitation and unethical practices in third world nations for decades. The owner of a mined diamond will never know its origin or under what ethics it was produced. Consumers deserve to know the truth behind their products, and that’s why Gemifique values true transparency and provides all information about where and how are our diamonds are grown. Lab-grown diamonds are the perfect choice for any eco-conscious woman who wants to make a statement with the jewelry that she wears. 

Just recently, Milan hosted the 2019 Green Carpet Fashion Awards, which celebrated designers and important figures within the fashion industry who have made contributions towards more ethical and environmentally friendly practices. Many celebrities and fashion icons walked the green carpet and wore lab-grown diamond and/or sustainably sourced jewelry. Shailene Woodley, Sophia Loren, and co-host Adut Akech are just some of the stunning women who showed off their eco-friendly accessories at the event. The 2018 Victoria Secret Fashion Show revealed their Fantasy Bra was made from $1 million (USD) worth of lab-grown diamonds, which was worn by model Elsa Hosk.

Martha Hunt, one of Victoria Secret’s Angels, is also a huge advocate for lab-grown diamonds, and has spoken out to raise awareness about the benefits of choosing sustainable fashion. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, “You can have the same quality of diamond but without risking any of the conflict that can sometimes be associated with mined diamonds,” she explained. “These diamonds are the exact same chemical structure of a mined diamond, created in the same way the earth creates diamonds through heat and pressure,” she told us. “This means they can be of the same quality as a mined diamond (if not better), and are real, but you can guarantee that they are 100% conflict free because you know exactly where they came from.” 

Sustainable, stunning, and a whole lot of savings – it doesn’t get much better than that. Shop Gemifique’s styles and collections, or submit a request for a custom-designed engagement ring on the website Shoppers who subscribe to their bi-weekly newsletter will receive updates on sales, newest items, latest blogs, and will also receive an exclusive discount code for 10% off their first purchase. 

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