Saying “YES” to Sustainability: How To Choose The Perfect Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be a nerve-racking, complicated experience. There are so many styles, cuts, settings, colors and clarities to choose from, where do you even begin the search for the perfect ring?

Lab-grown diamonds are physically, chemically, and structurally identical to a mined diamond. Being able to tell any sort of difference between the two is impossible to the naked eye, and can only be seen with special gemological tools. 

One of the many benefits to choosing a lab-grown diamond is the fact that they are at least 40% less expensive than a mined diamond, meaning you could get your future fiancée a larger gem without breaking the bank. Typically, a 1-carat mined diamond can cost anywhere upwards of $4,000. In comparison, most 1-carat lab-grown diamonds will start around $1,500, which is a substantial price difference for a gem of identical, superior quality. Why spend more for less? 

Another incredible benefit of choosing a lab-grown diamond is their contribution to sustainability and raising an ethical standard for other businesses within the industry. These eco-friendly gems eliminate all potential environmental harm like soil erosion, pollution to our atmosphere and oceans, irreversible damage to many eco-systems of precious species, and even harm to our own communities. 

A mined diamond’s origin is untraceable, meaning that its owner will never know under what conditions their gem was recovered. Third-world nations, especially West African countries, are for the most part exploited for their natural resources and have become the international hubs for diamond mining and smuggling. In these countries, workers are exposed to dangerous work conditions, health and safety hazards and are poorly compensated for their labour. Workers, which often include young children, often die or sustain serious life-altering injuries while digging within the mines. How could a diamond be worth even a fraction of this harm? 

On the contrary, lab-grown diamonds are safe, ethical, environmentally friendly, affordable and of superior quality, making it the perfect choice for anyone who would consider themselves to be consumer conscious. 

There are two methods to growing a diamond within the lab:

1.HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature)

This replicates the exact conditions where diamonds grow naturally in the depths of the earth, whereby a microscopic diamond seed (pure carbon) is placed in a sealed chamber and exposed to extreme pressure and temperature. The temperature reached is in excess of 4,700°F (2,600°C) and extreme pressure of more than 50,000 atmospheres is applied. Once these optimum conditions are attained, the carbon seed dissolves into the now molten catalyst which is then carefully cooled over a period of six to ten weeks. During this time these carbon atoms gradually build onto the diamond seed thus creating a new gem. At the end of the process, the new lab-grown diamond is removed and will be cut and polished in exactly the same manner as a natural gem.

2. CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)

This process is a very different technique whereby a diamond seed is placed in a vacuum chamber and lower pressure is applied to a hydrocarbon gas. These gases are typically methane and hydrogen which are then heated to an extremely high temperature, resulting in the decomposition of the hydrogen to form pure carbon atoms (diamond). The release of these carbon atoms then drop and attach themselves to the original diamond seed much like dew droplets, gradually building into a new gem layer by layer. Once formed, the resulting rough gem will then be cut and polished using the same conventional methods as a mined diamond.

Millennials love lab-grown diamonds and their countless benefits, and according to a study done by MVI Marketing, 67% of respondents (aged 21-36) would consider a lab-grown diamond for the centre stone of their engagement ring.  Everyone knows that life can get expensive, and you should never have to sacrifice finding the perfect ring over your daily necessities. You can truly have the best of both worlds by choosing lab-grown!

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