Leverage Your Social Media Presence & Digital Footprint To Make Easy Money Online

If you’re looking for some quick easy ways to make extra cash on the side while going about your everyday hustle, this list will help you get started. Whether you are a college student or working irregular hours and can’t take on another physical job, there are some great option that allow you to leverage your social media accounts and digital footprint. And let’s be honest, we all spend so much time online and on social media anyway, why not make the world wide web work for you at the same time?

These days we see a number of celebrities using their large amounts of followers to sell or promote products, as well as well-known digital influencers such as Youtubers Lily Singh and Michelle Phan growing a huge following to become digital “household” names. But you don’t have to wait until you have millions of subscribers or followers to leverage your own influence.

There are companies looking for people just like you, and you can benefit from participating in programs even with a small amount of followers, or in some cases none! This list is by no means exhaustive, but it will help you get started.

1.Social Native

If you have a Snapchat or Instagram account – pay attention! Social Native is fast becoming the go-to platform for major brands to market their product or services, tapping into a large community of authentic super fans. Whether it is promoting the on-demand release of the latest blockbuster superhero film, or a small business brand looking to spread awareness about what they do, Social native is all about authenticity.

For those who already create content and post on a regular basis, Social Native connects brands with creators, allowing them to earn anywhere from $50 upward simply for publishing an image or a short video. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, sign up today and start earning that extra cash.

2. Tap Influence

Similar to the way Social Native leverages platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, if you have a blog where you are regularly creating long-form content and steadily growing a loyal following, Tap Influence can be a great opportunity to turn your hobby into a legitimate side business. Think of Tap as the digital version of a temp agency holding a copy of your resume, and sending it out to the brands that would best suit your style of content.

Simply create an account, upload all the stats and details of your blog, and get connected with major brands such as Coca-Cola, Vaseline, Express, Panasonic. Depending on the amount of followers and daily impressions on your blog, you can set your own rates and allow your content to work for you. The average monthly influencer cash compensation is roughly $700, so if that sounds like something that could make a difference in your monthly cash-flow, sign up today.

3. Affiliate Programs

Unsure what an affiliate program is? Time to get familiar, as you could be missing out on extra dollars coming your way without you having to lift a finger. Seriously. Whether you have a large or small blog, there are a number of companies looking to organically reach new customers. Most programs will simply require you to embed a small banner ad somewhere on your blogsite which has an inbuilt tracking code. The way you earn money is by the amount of clicks you get from visitors to your site.

These programs are a little different to Google Ads, for instance, as they can often pay out at higher rates and are selective in the type of blogs they choose to work with. This list of 10 popular affiliate programs for small and medium-sized blogs is a great place to start, and some of them also work solely with social media users.

4. Opinion Outpost

Let’s say social media platforms or blogsites are not your thing, but you spend plenty of time online anyway. Opinion Outpost is a great option because all you have to do is take their surveys. Yep, it’s that simple. Think about it this way: if you’ve ever been on a website and have been required to complete a survey before looking at the content, there’s a good chance you may have been inconvenienced by taking the time to do this.

Well Opinion Outpost knows your time is valuable and wants to compensate you for completing surveys. Getting paid to share your opinions?If thatisn’t a no-brainer way to make some easy, fast money while online, we’re not sure what it! Users make money and earn prizes by taking paid surveys about all different topics. Your input helps businesses better serve consumers like you, and they’re willing to compensate you for your feedback.

Members earn cash or gift cards to popular brands like Amazon.com* from home or on the go, and users automatically earn entries in Opinion Outpost’s $10,000 quarterly prize draw each time they take a survey. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, sign-up today.

5. Review websites for cash

Have you ever shared your opinion or experience on a website like Yelp? Imagine if you could gather up all the time you spent doing this and monetize it. Imagine no more because these websites actually exist. Enroll is one of many, which exists to help businesses and app creators by asking online users to rate and review their products.

This is a place you get to be as honest as you want, and in the bigger picture, help improve certain businesses and products while earning some money. Sound like a win-win? Sign up for Enroll today, or simply Google other similar platforms that enable you to make money by creating reviews.

This list of 5 easy ways to make money online is certainly not exhaustive, but hopefully it will help you get started and get the creative juices flowing. There is money to be made by leveraging your digital footprint. Don’t waste any more time without earning a dime!

[This post is sponsored by OPINION OUTPOST. All opinions are ours.]




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