Meet The Entrepreneur Who Turned Her Health Problems Into A Thriving Holistic Care Business

By Mario Boucher

Emmanuelle Constant transformed health problems into a wellness business that thrives in helping other people. While struggling with stress, Constant sought answers in common medicine but found it did not solve her health issues. 

“With alternative medicine and massage therapy, I discovered that I had a very low lymphatic system and I had a big imbalanced between my right and left side in terms of energy,” said Constant.

She searched for alternatives and found Palper Rouler, a French manual technique that helps to detox your body and improves your overall well-being. 

“When I started to get Palper Rouler, I had never felt anything like it,” said Constant. “My body began to change with external benefits like less cellulite and more vibrant skin. Then, I also began to feel less bloated.”

Along with exercises and massage therapy, Palper Rouler helped reduce Constant’s stress and enhance blood circulation and flow in her lymphatic system. She witnessed improvements in her skin, digestive system and even slept better as her debilitating condition began to heal.  

“Getting the toxins out of your body allows you to glow from the inside out,” said Constant.

After she moved to Los Angeles, she decided to bring the benefits of Palper Rouler to the City of Angels and turned her passion for the manual technique into a unique business and start her own wellness spa.

“Palper Rouler is a hands only technique which is tailored to each body’s needs, unlike machine treatments which offer the same to everyone, regardless of an individual’s unique body,” said Constant. “It took me time to discover this new lifestyle and realize how your body does know what is naturally good for you.”  

After her own journey with Palper Rouler and discovering its perks, Constant was eager to share the physical and psychological benefits with other people. Palper Rouler can reduce the dimpling appearance caused by cellulite, helps cleanse toxins stored in fat cells, promotes dimensional loss, allows the fascia (connective tissues) to move freely with increased elasticity, and diminishes water retention.

“I do believe in a way of life that brings long-term benefits and takes care of the one and only body you have,” said Constant. “To me, this makes more sense than any quick fix you can find out there. This is how you can feel good in your own body.” 

Constant’s friends call her “bien-etre fairy” (meaning wellness fairy) for her ability to enhance other people’s well-being without the use of any machine or medicine. She set up Emmanuelle Blanche, a message therapy center in West Hollywood that has made a difference in women’s health and well-being in an aesthetic and soothing atmosphere. 

“This is why I wanted to open a spa to help others take care of themselves,” said Constant. “When I see my clients get better and how they have been feeling healthier, it confirms to me that I am doing the right thing.”

The demand from therapists wishing to be trained in Palper Rouler is high enough that Constant is putting together a training program. And it doesn’t stop there; the future is promising with potential expansion on the horizon.

“We have received a lot of requests from out of town people looking for Palper Rouler in their region so, because of that, we are looking into franchising,” said Constant. 

At Emmanuelle Blanche, you receive the best in holistic care and natural wellness with the goal of improving your blood circulation and lymphatic system, eliminating toxins and reducing water retention. A treatment plan is customized for you to meet your specific and unique needs. 

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