New Coloring Book For Girls Created To Build Up Their Confidence, Imagination And Spirit

While 2016 may have ended on a very sour note due to the result of the US Presidential election, that anger seemed to give way to a wave of female empowerment in 2017 that has certainly not slowed down. Mainstream media often talks about the historic Women’s March and the #MeToo movement, but let’s not forget the badass women all across the country who decided to use their platform, resources and passions to make the world a better place.

One of these women is Melissa Foley, a media professional and mother to a daughter who created a progressive media company in 2017 called Hopscotch Girls, dedicated to empowering girls, highlighting positive role models, fostering positive body image, and encouraging STEM skills. Their first product is a coloring book called ‘I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful’, which was released just before Christmas.

The book was created to help build imagination, confidence and spirit in young girls, while also showing this positive and empowering representations of careers they can aspire to. With women holding less than 20% of the highest ranking government and executive positions, owning less than 40% of all businesses and occupying less than 30% of STEM jobs, it’s clear there is a major gap to fill. In an email, Melissa told us the inspiration behind this project and why she felt it was relevant right now.

“I created this book because I want the next generation of women to have the same rights and opportunities that men have. After doing some research (and experiencing the world as a mother to a little girl), I was appalled to learn how damaging children’s media can be to girls. So, I decided to create a coloring book that would challenge stereotypes about girls and encourage families to talk about what it really means to be confident, brave, beautiful,” she said.

Melissa also cited major events of 2017 as an indication of more women realizing the power in their voice. In light of this, teaching a generation of girls from a young age that they are powerful an have a tremendous effect in their future, which is why a coloring book like ‘I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful’ is not just a fun way to pass the time, but an important reminder to them about their worth.

“From the millions of women that joined the Women’s March, to the viral #MeToo hashtag and the avalanche of sexual harassment allegation in the news, women are finding their voices. This is the perfect time to for a book that is positive, affirming and gives women a way to share their strength with their daughters,” she told us.

The book contains over 22 pages where girls can color an array of themed images, with an empowering saying in the middle. Along with instilling a sense of bravery and confidence in young girls, the book is also designed to be an antidote to the negative and often harmful messages about body image that bombard women and girls from a very early age.

The Hopscotch website cites a study from the Dove Self-Esteem project which found that:

  • 81% of 10-year-old girls in the U.S. are afraid of being fat
  • Six out of 10 girls opt out of important activities because they’re worried about the way they look
  • Girls who think they are overweight, regardless of their actual weight, have lower grades

And media plays a major part in how girls see themselves and judge their bodies accordingly. This coloring book wants to give girls a new type of visual that can leave them feeling inspired and empowered, rather than inadequate.

“Media is an integral part of American culture, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. We found that while media can be damaging, it also has the power to positively shape children…We also found studies that show that media designed with girls in mind can combat female stereotypes, and that coloring books specifically can positively impact girls’ interest in science. We loved the idea of approaching this very serious problem from a place of positivity,” says the website.

Designed for girls aged 3-8, adults are also encouraged to foster conversation with their young ones and turn this fun activity into a way to have an ongoing dialog. We need more parents making a conscious effort to ensure girls grow up knowing they are brave, beautiful and that their voices matter. That they don’t have to live up to narrow ideals, but live out their full potential and chase their dreams.

If this is the kind of culture you want to see in your family, head over to the Hopscotch Girls website or order it directly from Amazon for only $9.50.

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