NYC’s Untitled Space Art Gallery Celebrating Love With The “One & Only” Collection In Feb

Artist Anne Barlinckhoff, Artwork Featured at The Untitled Space

February is a month for love, and if feminist art is your jam, then NYC-based art gallery The Untitled Space has got you covered, no matter where you are located. They are presenting The “ONE & ONLY” Collection in celebration of Valentine’s Day, featuring unique and limited edition artworks by a number of their artists.

Themes of love, whether they are romantic, erotic, platonic, or self-love, have inspired countless artworks throughout history. With these thoughts of love in mind, The Untitled Space has curated a contemporary art collection by all female artists featuring paintings, photography, printmaking, collage, sculpture, textile art, and more to delight the eyes.

“Objectified” Trina Merry performance and exhibition, The Untitled Space Gallery, New York 2019

The works in the collection navigate the mysteries of love through a female gaze, redefine it in new terms for the self or other, reflect on the various forms it can take, as well as ignite the imagination with the visual impact of its endless influence on our minds and senses. The “ONE & ONLY” collection includes erotic etchings to risqué renderings, tantalizing textiles to whimsical watercolors which the gallery hopes will spark your imagination, fill your heart with desire, and be the perfect gift for you or your significant other. 

We are huge fans of The Untitled Space, and its founder and curator Indira Cesarine, because of the mission to amplify the work of feminist artists and under-represented artists (many of which are women). Whether it is exhibits promoting sex positivity, body positivity or bodily autonomy and freedom, Untitled Space is leading the way when it comes to narratives and visuals that dismantle patriarchal norms at its core. With so much heteronormativity surrounding Valentine’s Day, as well as the excess of capitalism around a day that is about celebrating love, there’s no better place to get your fill of feminist art and narratives dominated by the female gaze than Untitled Space.

Artwork by Artist Tina Maria Elena Bak, Featured in “The Peep Show” presented by Fleur Du Mal and The Untitled Space.

Artists featured in The “ONE & ONLY” Valentine’s Collection include Anne BarlinckhoffAnnika ConnorCabell MolinaDanielle SiegelbaumFahren FeingoldIndira CesarineKatie CommodoreKat Toronto aka Miss MeatfaceKaty ItterKatya ZverevaLeah SchragerLola JiblazeeMairi-Luise TabbakhMeg Lionel MurphyRobin TewesSarah MapleTina Maria Elena Bak, and Trina Merry.

You can view all artwork featured in the collection HERE, or search by artist and browse works filed under “Valentines” to view options.

Share your love of art or treat yourself by taking 25% off artworks featured in the collection in a special promotion running now through February 14th. 

Meg Lionel Murphy Exhibit Artwork, The Untitled Space, New York