Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Wants Us To Question All Beauty Standards


28 year-old Crystal Renn is a pioneer plus size model. She has been in the game since she was 14, and was one of the three plus size models (along with Robyn Lawley and Candice Huffine) to be the first curvy women ever featured on a Vogue Italia cover. But her body evolution, just like every woman, has been varied.

In an interview with the Telegraph in the UK, she talks about being a former anorexic after being told to lose weight by a model agent, then becoming a plus size model and super successful at that, to where she is today. The Mississippi native opened up about her book ‘Hungry’ which was released in 2009, where she detailed her struggle with an eating disorder literally for her career.

“It was quite a difficult experience…reliving those memories, but also very therapeutic. I wanted to tell the story of my life up until this point which included many tribulations to overcome. I had an unquenchable need to succeed at such a young age, to make something out of myself and to experience the world,” she said.


Crystal also used the book as a vehicle to urge everyone to question all the beauty standards which exist today, as that is what she had to do in the end before getting to a healthy, comfortable size.

“I wanted people to question preconceived notions about what it means to be beautiful and the dangerous lengths some are willing to go to attain this. I know I used to have warped thinking but I changed and I wanted to help others change too. Evolving my mindset opened me up to an entire world of possibilities and a peace that I had not previously known. So I felt I had to pass it on. ”

She doesn’t take her role model status lightly, and recognizes the impact she has on young girls and their body image. This is her message to young girls:

“You are the new generation! Be strong and carry the torch. Don’t judge others, and think of yourselves as unique beings with gifts and talents to spread out into the world. So go, do it! Make our future brighter, it is up to you.”

Her notion of beauty is not something you would typically hear from a well sought-after fashion model, but it certainly is an encouraging one, and a message we want to see more of from the fashion industry.


“Think of beauty to include all varieties of race, age, gender as a norm. We must constantly challenge ourselves to think differently, and pass judgement less. ”

Crystal has noticeably lost weight over the years which has angered some in the plus size community, as well as women who were thankful for a role model at the top of the industry represented their body size. But in an interview from 2012 with Amanda De Cadanet on her show ‘The Conversation’, she says it’s not fair for people to turn on her just because her weight has fluctuated.

“My message was never ‘everyone should be plus size’ or ‘real women have curves’. I actually find the term disgusting because real women come in all different shapes and sizes and I think the most important thing for me is to love myself no matter what size I am,” she says.


“You loving yourself when you were a larger size gave permission to so many women to accept their bodies,” said Amanda in regards to her former weight. But she also agrees with Crystal when she says her message applies no matter what size she is, because bodies fluctuate.

You can see the interview below. What we love most about Crystal is that she has a message and is conscious and purposeful about what she says and how she influences others. You can tell by the passion in her voice that she doesn’t want her words to be taken the wrong way because she truly cares about how she is representing body image, and fashion, and women.

The message is clear: love yourself and accept your body no matter what size, and allow yourself permission, as Amanda says, to know that that is ok. Questioning every beauty standards is a great way to finding your confidence because you find what works for you.

We love you at every size Crystal!

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