Rising Music Star Scarlett Rabe Says Women Fight Harder & Stand Stronger


The name Scarlett Rabe may not be as household-familiar as, say, Katy Perry or Beyonce just yet, but we have a feeling it won’t be too long before she is dominating the charts.

She has been described by Marie Claire as having lyrics that are as strong as Sheryl Sandberg’s words, with the musical flair of Tori Amos. But if you take a listen to her anthemic hit ‘Battle Cry’ in the music video below, you will hear something totally unique filled with emotion, strength and talent.

Based in Santa Monica, Scarlett grew up in a household where listening to pop music such as Madonna, Michael Jackson or the Beatles was banned. She is the eldest of 8 children, and says music was her release from a somewhat stifling upbringing.

She started playing piano at the age of 3, and by 10 years old she was not only a concert pianist, but was giving lessons, for a lofty $2 a pop! Music was definitely in her blood growing up, but now as a young woman breaking out in the music industry, her message and her identity has been fashioned into something individual and very alluring.

The lyrics for Battle Cry have a strong female theme, and she tells Marie Claire this is intentional.

“Some of the inspiration comes from females who are actually powerful and have achieved great things, but truthfully, a lot of it comes from a place of seeing the need for that kind of a strength. For females, it is unfortunate that in so many ways we have to fight harder and stand stronger. I think it’s really a beautiful time for women and for being a female because we are so powerful and so strong, but it’s a different kind of strength that is also fragile and vulnerable but immensely powerful.”


She describes herself as always having been a “strong girl” which was the exact ingredient needed to soar in her career. She talks about how her family’s belief systems were something she had to fight against to get where she is now, and wants this to be a message she passes on to her fans. There was a lot of disapproval from her family because of her decision to be a mainstream musician, but she continued on nonetheless because she knew this was what she wanted to do with her life.

“It gets to a point where you’re actually not afraid of losing anything anymore because what you have already lost is greater than what you could actually lose.”

“In my family’s eyes I was abandoning all of them. They are very religious and had very strong opinions about how the choices I was going to make were going to eternally ruin my soul.”

Scarlett says this was the reason for the lyrics “I’m not afraid” in the chorus, to show she now realizes all the fears she felt from family pressure were not going to be her reality, yet that didn’t mean she was a lesser version of herself.

“When you do cross that line of fear, all of a sudden you realize “wow,” I am the same person and I have the same heart, the same strengths, the same weakness, and the same imperfections.

Her biggest advice to other young women looking to find their voice and their path in life is to listen to the voice inside you. You have a gut instinct for a reason. Don’t allow it to be diluted by so many other voices and noises from the world.

“There is a quiet little voice that should always be the biggest focus. I’ve come to moments in my life where every single thing has told me to quit, stop, back up, or you’re crazy. Yea, that little tiny voice is always just saying, ‘This is where you belong.’ You just have to make your choices around that little voice. I’ve never been sorry when that was the source of my power.”

What an amazing young women, we cannot wait to hear more of her stuff! She is certainly going to be a voice for her generation, speaking up for thousands and thousands of other girls who are looking for a role model who has battled through the same experiences and come out the other end standing strong.

Some of our fave lyrics:

If you dare to dream they call it reckless
They’ll tell you where to draw the line
But what you can be is truly endless
When all their rules just don’t apply

And I’m not afraid
And I’m not ashamed
No I’m not the same as the rest

We predict Grammys for this woman! Remember the name Scarlett Rabe.


  1. That takes great courage to go against “the family”. Glad she did and I hope her family comes out of their narrow-mindedness to support her.

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