Skincare Essentials: Taking Care Of Your Hands

There are many of us who invest a tremendous amount of time and effort in looking after our facial skin. We ensure it is properly cleansed and exfoliated, kept supple and hydrated with moisturizer, and that we try to shield it from damage as much as possible. However, we often fail to pay as much attention to the condition of our hands, even though they are always on display and exposed to the elements just like our faces.

If you want to enjoy having beautiful hands that are well-conditioned, soft, and supple, there are some easy, daily steps you can take. With some quick and simple hand beauty tips and tricks, you can show off your cared-for hands and eliminate the worry of dryness, cracks and lines, premature wrinkles, and other problems that can affect our hands.

There are various tips and tricks you can use in order to improve the condition of your hands and keep them looking great as well as feeling good. These include:

Moisturize Well

It is important to ensure your hands are well moisturized, just as you would with your face or other parts of your body. Some like a good CBD cream for dry hands can work wonders for the appearance and condition of the skin, so make sure you apply regularly to keep the skin soft, supple, and well-nourished.

Monthly Manicure

If you can, try to book yourself in for a manicure once a month or so. This is a great way to treat yourself and enjoy a little pampering. Moreover, it enables your hands to enjoy a little special treatment and pampering, as you can get them cleaned, massaged, and exfoliated to keep them feeling and looking in tip-top condition.

Lukewarm Handwashing

You have to ensure you wash your hands both regularly and thoroughly for health and hygiene reasons. However, you should avoid washing them in water that is either too hot or too cold, as this can be damaging to the skin. Instead, try to wash them in water that is lukewarm, so you can get them really clean without damaging the skin.

Exfoliate Weekly

Another thing you should do is to exfoliate the hands every week or so, as this will help to get rid of dead skin. You can purchase hand scrubs, or you can even go online and create your own with a variety of recipes available. This includes mixing a teaspoon of fine sugar and olive oil with the juice of half a lime.

These are just some of the ways in which you can keep your hands both feeling and looking great all year round. Taking care of your skin is important, and especially on your hands as you use them daily.


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