The Best Female-Friendly Health Plans

Healthcare is easily one of the top priorities in most people’s lives. If you don’t have a healthcare plan and you get sick, you won’t be able to go to work which will affect your earnings and ultimately create a snowball effect in other areas in your life.

There are many health plans out there for various types of people and their necessities. There are even some for families, but more importantly, different insurance companies have started offering health plans tailored and geared specifically towards women. Understanding the difference in plan features when you shop for private health plans on the market that are offered by different providers will help you in selecting the right one for you. Before going into the criteria to look for, we’re going to give you a look at some of the plans geared towards women. Here are the criteria to look out for when trying to find the perfect health plan.

 1) Single mothers insurance

Single mothers health insurance is for women who do not just want healthcare for themselves but also for their children. These health plans are great if your child has a medical history or has a tendency to get sick easily

2) Maternity care

Although to someone who doesn’t understand the different health plans, this may seem similar to the above-mentioned health plan. However, this one is mainly used for those who are pregnant to make sure that they receive all the necessary health services required during pregnancy.

3) Pregnancy insurance

This is another alternative to maternity healthcare, but unlike maternity healthcare, it only covers your healthcare services during pregnancy covering a specific set of health services. There aren’t any pregnancy health insurance plans that cover dental care for example.

4) Short-term health insurance

If you are currently unemployed but still want to have a health plan in case of any emergency, then you can get a short-term health plan that can be activated as soon as you apply for it.

Once you’ve decided on a specific health plan, here’s what to generally expect:


When looking for a health plan, you need to find out the maximum number of checkups that the plan will cover. If you have a special medical condition, then you will probably need to get a plan that includes an unlimited number of checkups and doctor visits. This means that if you plan on frequent doctor visits consider getting a slightly more expensive plan to accommodate your doctors’ visits.

Procedures Covered

When thinking of health plans that are geared towards females, they will include other benefits above the regular allowances. You need to ensure that the plan covers preventive services, regular breast cancer checkups, pap smears, and other medical aid you might need as a woman. You need to find out whether these services are covered by the health plan you want to get or not. This is quite important because as a woman there are a variety of services you will need, especially if your family has a history of female related genetic diseases or cancer. You can also get a health plan that includes regular STD tests to ensure that you remain healthy.

Coverage You Need Most

Not all health plans provide coverage for all services. For example, some plans do not cover any lab tests, or dental work. So, for example, if dental care is a priority to you, then look for one that will offer it and don’t assume all plans are alike. This is why you need to find out what services are of priority to you and that you will most likely going to be needing before settling for a plan.  


When looking for a health plan, you do not need to get a high priced health plan that offers you services that you will most likely not need.  Pick out a plan that has a few select services that you will be using for sure, at a lower-priced plan that will not break the bank. 

Having the best healthcare should always be a priority, but that does not mean you need to pay thousands to get services you can easily receive for a fraction of the price. Getting a health plan that is customized towards your specific needs as a woman along with other regular benefits is a smart way to save money instead of paying full price for medical services.

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