The Question Isn’t, Why Use Astrology In Business, The Question Is: Why Not?

Kim Woods, MBA and Evolutionary Astrology Master (far right) in an astrology session with entrepreneurs.

By Kim Woods

Throughout time, many famous people have used astrology sites.  

Angelina Jolie uses astrology daily and to make important decisions about movie roles and premiere dates. Cameron Diaz, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Princess Diana have been avid fans of following astrology for their life and career choices. Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR and The Reagans used astrology for decision-making and setting strategy.   

Perhaps most famously, J.P. Morgan coined, “Millionaires don’t use astrologers, billionaires do,” has compelled a large percentage of Wall Street brokers to use astrology, as quoted by Donald Regan, former U.S. Secretary of Treasury. 

If it’s good enough for these esteemed people to use astrology, the question isn’t why use astrology, the question is why not? 

Astrology provides certainty to help you with decision-making and planning. Knowing what’s around the corner relieves your doubt and dispels your fears. It also nudges you ahead of others in your field. 

With only 12% of women-owned businesses making more than $100,000 per year and 4.1% making over $1M, you want to break away from the pack. Astrology tells you how to leverage the power of the stars, giving you an energetic jet pack when you’re feeling fatigued or an expert advisor when you’re hesitant on next steps. 

Kim Woods, MBA, Evolutionary Astrology Master and Intuitive Business Strategist.

Astrology also gives your insights into what energies are influencing your customer’s psyches and what forces are driving your marketplace. The advantage the stars brings can be the difference between a promotion succeeding or failing, a team gelling or dividing or a new hire being a great fit or a bad one. 

The awareness astrology creates for you as the business owner includes your blueprint for success, your highest money signature and your goal-achieving sales method. It also gives you right timing for expanding or streamlining. 

Now the question becomes, “How can you use astrology?” 

To start, use the Sun and the Moon.  

1. Harness the Sun 

Harnessing the Sun’s power throughout the year forms your annual calendar as it depicts when to launch, when to optimize and when to step away and take vacation. The Sun moves through each zodiac sign every 30 days and you can match this with your birth star map to see where it impacts you each month. 

2. Use the Moon 

The Moon provides power for manifesting the strategy and goals you and your company are working on month-by-month as well as creating space to integrate your strategies and goals. The Moon pulls the ocean back and forth, so her power is awesome. When you’re following the Moon’s cycles, you’re creating immense power to help you attain your goals. 

The main Moon phases are: 

  • When the Moon is New – set your intentions or goals. 
  • When the Moon is Waxing Crescent – charge your intentions.
  • When the Moon is in First Quarter – refine your goals. 
  • When the Moon is Waxing Gibbous – reach out to others to create opportunities. 
  • When the Moon is Full – review your progress. 
  • When the Moon is Waning Gibbous – reach out to others for support.
  • When the Moon is Last Quarter –  release what isn’t working.
  • When the Moon is Waning Crescent – make space to set new intentions. 
Kim Woods, MBA, Evolutionary Astrology Master and Intuitive Business Strategist.

Even knowing whether the Moon is waxing (between New and Full) or waning (between Full and New) is helpful. Build up in the waxing phases and release in the waning ones. 

The results I have gotten using astrology for my own company have been astronomical (pun-intended). The growth over the last 3 years, averages 378%. My clients have seen average growth of 51% across the board during the pandemic, even with brick and mortar businesses. Many have doubled their revenues, or gained high revenue growth while lowering effort by approximately 40%. Other clients have created ease and freedom to pursue their dreams outside of running their successful businesses. 

My team of Intuitive Leaders have consulted with over 350 business leaders in either 1:1 customized solutions or in small group programs. Astrology is the foundation for all of my client work. My question to you is, why not make astrology the foundation of your business?

Kim Woods, MBA, Evolutionary Astrology Master and Intuitive Business Strategist.

Kim Woods, MBA and Evolutionary Astrology Master teaches high-performing entrepreneurs to Know, Like and Trust themselves, creating radical levels of satisfaction in every aspect of their life. She has founded multiple 7 figure brick & mortar businesses and is a former business consultant at Oracle. Kim expertly pairs the ancient wisdom of astrology and sacred healing modalities with modern techniques delivered through simple and practical methods. She turns the well-known marketing concept of the Know, Like, Trust factor inside out, so instead of helping customers to Know, Like and Trust you, YOU Know, Like and Trust yourself. Tapping into this inner knowing allows you to create highly sought-after personal, professional, and financial triumph. Kim is also a contributor to Entrepreneur magazine and lives near the coast in Boston with her husband and two children.