Thoughtful Ideas For Your Next Anniversary That Won’t Break The Budget

Whether you are married or a non-married couple, there is always something special about your anniversary. You might even have a couple of them, the day you met, the first date, and your wedding day. These anniversaries are there to remind the both of you how much you care about each other, and that you want there to be many more in the future. Although celebrating an anniversary is a romantic time whatever you choose to do, there are a few ideas that can make it even more special.

Meet Up for Lunch
Sometimes it can be inconvenient when one of you has to work on your anniversary. However, even though you might have something planned for the evening, why not surprise them with a lunch date as well. You can always speak to their boss in advance, so you know they will be free to go, and they might even give them some extra time as well. If they have a favorite place to eat, then try to book a table, there is nothing worse than turning up, and the place is full. They might even be able to give your other half a present that you give them when they order.

A Collage of Your Year
If you are the type of couple that loves to go out and go on adventures, then you are probably going to have many photos to show for it. One way to celebrate an anniversary is to create a collage of some of the best moments in the previous twelve months. It can take a little work to do something like this, so you need to start in advance. However, when it’s complete, you can frame it and present it on your anniversary. They will love looking through the pictures and remembering everything you have done together.

Organize a Day Trip
You might not have the time or the money to arrange a proper vacation together for your anniversary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go somewhere for the day. Why not see if there are any day trips that you can arrange where you can leave and return within a weekend. These are the best options if you both work during the week, and it means you can have the Sunday to rest. If the price is a little too high for you, then you can always consider taking out a short-term loan to cover the cost. You can go online to learn more about the available offers.

Have a Romantic Meal at Home
Just because it is your anniversary, doesn’t mean you have to go out and eat at a restaurant. It can be more romantic if you prepare a meal at home for your loved one. It will be better if they are out of the house while you prepare, so one day when they are at work can be the best time. Set up the dining area with candles and decorations, choose some romantic music, and get ready to prepare the dinner. If you aren’t a good cook, then there are many stores that have the separate sections of a meal that you can cook in the oven or microwave and serve as a meal. If you can cook, then you can spend the day preparing and getting all the elements together before they arrive home.

Make a Nice Pamper Session
You can always do this before or after the romantic meal at home, or you can make a day of it for them. To get this to work, you will need some time to prepare the bathroom so that it could be another after work event, or when they have a lay-in in the morning. Buy some nice bath salts or perhaps a bath bomb if they like those, and also get some fake or real petals if you can find them. Make sure that you have candles to place around the bath, and that there is a power socket so that you can play some nice music. When they arrive home or wake up, send them into the bathroom and let them soak while you prepare dinner or a nice anniversary breakfast.

Surprise Holiday
These types of surprises take a lot of organization, so you might want to save them for significant anniversaries. The idea is to book a holiday that you can take without them knowing until the time arrives. You will need the help of your partners boss so that they get the time off work, and if you have kids, then you will want to arrange someone to look after them while you’re away. The best time to surprise them is after work one evening when they are expecting to go home. You will need to pack them a suitcase so that you can go straight to the airport. If you aren’t sure what to pack them, then you might need the help of a friend of theirs that will know what they like. When you pick them up, you can tell them you are taking them out for a meal or a show, and then instead, take them to the airport.

Recreate a First Date
If you know that the same restaurants are still around from when you went on your first date, then you can try to recreate it again on your anniversary. Try to choose the same time of day and the same food you ate at the time. You can also take with you some old photos of the day, so you can both reminisce about that first date you had together. If the same restaurants or buildings aren’t there anymore, you can still take a tour of the area where you can see how its changed and think about the time you used to go there.

These ideas will hopefully evoke some loving thoughts and feelings for the both of you. With a little planning, you can make any occasions a romantic one. And to make it extra special you could get a gift for them like a lovely watch. My friend told me to check these guys out.

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