Top Five Tips For Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs

If there is one word that women are embracing more and more these days, it’s “ambitious”. Women have been historically and systematically oppressed over the years but in today’s climate where there are so many resources available to us, it we have seen a huge shift in the gender climate when it comes to entrepreneurship and the startup world.

Across the US there are more women than ever making up the entrepreneurial market, with 11.6 million women business owners in 2016 alone, which is light years ahead of the UK market. For minority women in particular, the business world is seeing them succeed in leaps and bounds, with black women in the US now seen as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs today, despite barriers that still exist. But there are ways to get ahead and ensure barriers don’t stop your path to business success.

Study at a top business school

One fantastic way to get a foot in the door when it comes to business leadership is studying at a business school which offers a great MBA degree program like those at Hult International Business School as there is a huge benefit to gaining important skills like networking and access to a community. 

There are other ways to sustain a working lifestyle outside of Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’ landscape of yesterday. Business schools have become an environment where especially female students can get access to mentors, get plugged into gender equality initiatives, and form their own support groups as they start their business journey.

Know your market

It is imperative that you know the sort of person you are selling to before you go ahead and launch your company. This is something many people get wrong quite early on when starting out with their entrepreneurial careers, and it can be easily overlooked.

Business Mogul Mark Cuban often says on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ that some of the world’s best entrepreneurs are those who have found a solution to a problem many people have. Whether it is a mom created a product to help other moms streamline their daily activities with their families, or a healthcare professional finding a more user-friendly way to engage with patients during visits, it’s important to know exactly what your target market is and why.  

If you are going to look for external funding for your business, investors will often ask you about your market research and why you chose to target your audience. Be prepared, be knowledgable and become the expert in your business.

Develop leadership skills

Studying an MBA at a top business school is also a highly beneficial move to make for helping you get ahead and be successful in business as a woman entrepreneur. 

You’ve probably heard of the old adage that your network is your net worth, and here that very much applies. The networking skills and community that you will be a part of when you are studying for an MBA will help you develop the necessary teamwork and leadership skills for good business in the future.

That’s why there are so many business events aimed at women which focus on networking and supporting each other, because in the business world that’s what’s going to be an essential part of being successful. 

Be professional

Sometimes we can’t always be as professional as we’d like all – deadlines run over, we don’t get around to answering those emails on time, or we make simple mistakes. This is all part of the normal entrepreneurship process. 

But, ultimately, it’s about mindset too. Never lose sight of what your ultimate goals and ambitions are, as they can become a daily reminder when you are in the middle of a rough spot.

With so much additional focus on interpersonal relationships in the workplace today with the rise of the #MeToo movement, paying extra attention to the way we treat our peers in the workspace is also paramount, as it will make for a healthier and more productive business experience in the long run.

Find a Mentor 

One of the best pieces of advice we have seen from the likes of successful business women such as Sheryl Sandberg is to find a support group or a mentor, who can become like a guide in your entrepreneurship journey.

Mentorship has also helped tip the scales a little and open up more opportunities for women in the business world, whether it is an introduction to a potential investor, or someone to simply look over a business plan and give you notes.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and know that when you find the right ingredients that enable you to succeed, think about how you can in turn look for opportunities to pay it forward and create a pathway for other female entrepreneurs.



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