Wedding Gifts Ideas For The Modern Couple

Buying a wedding gift for a modern couple means that traditional gifts such as bed linen, silverware, and china shouldn’t necessarily be the only or obvious choice. Many modern couples may have already been living together before marriage and have set up home together, having everything they want and need in terms of household items.

It used to be simple to peruse the couple’s wedding gift registry, compiled to ensure the couple did not receive duplicate, practical wedding gifts, but this trend is slowly changing. Many wedding gift ideas direct from the couple include cash, whilst others would like a tangible wedding gift that they can remember on future anniversaries. If you are in the latter camp, here are some ideas to give a memorable gift for a modern couple:


A piece of art, whether a painting, sculpture, or photograph, will last a lifetime and could be a good investment if from an up-and-coming artist. It is wise to be precise in what it is that you would like, whether this is to be commissioned or an already existing piece. Be mindful of the costs of artwork, as it can be outrageously expensive for a wedding present. However, if there is an artwork that you have your heart set on, you could ask your guests to collaborate in a collective gift so that it is manageable for everyone. 

Unique gifts are extra special, whether you are looking at a natural rose preserved in platinum that can be a centerpiece at every romantic meal at home or a custom cartoon print of the happy couple or a handmade artsy fair-trade item. 

Hotel spa membership

Find a luxury hotel and spa that is close to the newly-weds home and pay for a couple’s membership to the in-house spa. This offers the couple a perfect excuse to spend time relaxing together as they make use of the facilities which could include a spa pool, sauna and steam room, jacuzzi, aromatherapy treatments or simply to enjoy time in a relaxation lounge. 

If the couple like to travel a lot, gifting them a membership to their favorite brand hotel members club will give them access to a range of complimentary extras, upgrades, and gifts. With gold card membership, they will even have access to the services of a travel concierge who can take care of everything during their holiday, including making theatre and restaurant bookings. 

Experience gifts


If the couple is going on honeymoon, book an experience gift for the both at their destination. This might be a helicopter ride, a sunrise hot air balloon experience, a cookery or dance class, or anything else you think they would enjoy doing together that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Local experiences

For some people who are newly married, the first few months of married life can be challenging. After months of excited planning for the big day and a wonderful honeymoon basking in the sun or visiting ancient landmarks, getting back to normal living can bring on post-honeymoon blues. Gifting an exclusive experience locally that the couple can enjoy after the main celebrations of marriage, will help to banish the blues.

Another option is to buy a gift certificate to a great restaurant close to them, which you can research online if you do not already know their favorite dining establishment. When first married, couples are usually financially stretched due to wedding expenses and may not feel they can afford to go out to dinner.  Yet, this is a time to be enjoying newly married life, and a nice dinner out is a good way to do that.

Personalized gifts

You can make any tangible wedding gift extra special by having it customized. If you are the best man check out Groomsshop for some ideas of ideal gifts. If you are the maid of honor, you may have the privilege of seeing the bride’s vows in advance. You can have these printed, adding the couples’ names and the date of the wedding, which can then be framed in a style that suits their home décor. 

You can choose the best photograph you have taken of the couple and place this in a personalized picture frame or personalize any item from champagne flutes to Christmas tree ornaments you can get at Polar X Ornaments that the couple can use each year.

No matter who you are buying gifts for, there are a tonne of great ideas to choose from that are sure to please the happy couple!

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