Why We Love Modcloth In the Winter – An Empowering Style Guide For Every Body


It’s no secret that we love Modcloth. They were one of the first clothing labels to sign the ground-breaking anti-photoshop pledge created by the Brave Girls Alliance.

They are huge advocates of representing real women in all shapes and sizes, and that is something to promote any day!

With so many negative and harmful messages about body image forced upon women, it’s important emerging labels like Modcloth stand apart from the rest and lead the way for other up-and-coming designers to take stock of what is important with their brands. It is only about the bottom dollar? Or do you care enough about your customers to cater to them in order to build lasting relationships, healthier self-esteems and in turn even MORE money because of customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Seems like a no-brainer to us! So when Modcloth reached out to us to feature our favorite Winter items, we didn’t hesitate. Normally we aren’t the type of site to just promote straight fashion trends (unless there is an empowering or unique angle to it) but this gives us a chance to tell more of our readers just how important it is to support brands that support women of all sizes.

No matter where you live, Winter means something different to us all. We are based out of Los Angeles, CA so winter means 75 degree sunny days with a light breeze, that just about allows for ugg boots and sweaters when the sun goes down. For those in more Siberian temperatures, it means constantly keeping warm with various items of clothing and accessories.

Layering is a win-win for everyone, because it allows you to cater to your temperature surroundings, while also styling a look for yourself where you feel somewhat fashionable. We’ve put together a list of our favorite Modcloth items that make us feel fashionable AND empowered.

Socks are a must in winter, and these were our faves. WWII Feminist icon Rosie the Riveter depicted in the Simply Riveting socks in yellow, $9.99 USD:


Revolutionary artist Frida Kahlo depicted in the Frida Be Me socks in teal and red, $11.99:


Former President who emancipated slavery Abraham Lincoln depicted in the Land of Linked In socks $11.99:


Adding to the Rosie the Riveter feminist look, we LOVE this Through The Wire headband in red, $14.99:


Want to permanently carry around a reminder that you are where you are meant to be in life? We recommend the Right On Schedule Tote, $14.99:


Or you could pay homage to one of the classic feminist literary heroes, Jane Austin with the Bookshelf Bandit Tote $13.99:


And if you need a little reminder that life is what you make it, try the A Way With Verbs tote for $14.99:


Our final piece in our custom-styled empowered Modcloth ensemble is the Design and Dine shawl, perfect for keeping warm or adding a boho chic outer layer to your outfit, for $39.99:


We hope you are inspired by our Modcloth picks. Check out their range of cute cardigans which we also love, and remember, fashion is something that follows a trend, style is something unique to you.

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