Why We Need More Women In Surfing

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

The ocean is wide and can accommodate any gender, race, or color. Unfortunately, people’s racism and sexism have prevented certain people from enjoying riding the waves. Women were not seen as viable athletes in the past. Some people objectify female surfers and use them solely for marketing. Thankfully, women are fighting back to claim their rights in the field and show naysayers that they are bonafide athletes and should be treated and paid the same as men. Surfing is a beautiful, carefree, spiritual sport that shouldn’t be reserved for one gender only. While we do see athletes and champion surfers such as Layne Beachley, Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore and Keala Kennelly breaking barriers, they are paving the way for what needs to be an explosion of more women in this sport. 

Exposing the Conservatism

The surf community appears to be accepting and open-minded. However, it has been discovered that many surfers are conservative and ban people from surfing in their territory. They claim pieces of the ocean that aren’t theirs in the first place. Some foreigners have been bullied and if a female appears to be better at surfing, they may instantly make fun of her until she bails. This often happens because women are not taken seriously when it comes to some sports. That’s why it is crucial to make everyone understand that nature is for everybody to enjoy. It will be better if everyone becomes more accepting and it all starts with knowing that women are no less than men. 

Inducing Humane Qualities

The patriarchy planted wrong ideas and beliefs in both males and females. We are all suffering from toxic masculinity because men were taught that showing any compassion or empathy will make them less masculine. They are only allowed to show anger, aggression, and a competitive-self-destructive attitude. This is exaggerated in athletes. That’s why by showing that men and women are equal in every aspect, boys will understand that it is okay to act like human beings instead of machines. 

Empowering Young Girls

It is empowering when a minority stands in the face of oppression. The longer women will remain silent, the more they are going to be marginalized. No one deserves to get the leftovers. When women surfers free themselves from sexism, they will give other young girls the power to chase their dreams in a patriarchal society. You’ll find that now, if you go to buy Rip Curl surf gear, there is a wide variety of gear that is targeted towards the female market. Famous brands have caught on and play a huge role in encouraging female surfers to step up and feel more confident and comfortable when they go out to surf. They will pursue their dreams optimistically after they know that the pay gap is being reduced and some leagues are offering equal pays without discrimination as well.

Surfing Changes Lives

The basic law of humanity is to never deny someone a chance at a better life. The surfing community has spent years preventing others from achieving their dreams. They made sure that the ocean was inaccessible. It is horrible because surfing can make you change the way you think about everything. It has lots of benefits that should be shared with everyone around the globe. 

The first lesson teaches you patience and sharpens your senses. You learn how to stay still, feel the wind across your skin, and anticipate whether you will be able to ride the wave or you should wait for another one. After you decide that you’re going for it, you will need to balance yourself. Accordingly, you will become less impulsive and gain more control over your life. 

People may be lost or confused at some point in their lives. To numb that feeling, they search for addictions. It is better to get hooked on surfing than any other unhealthy addictions which can ruin their future. The ocean refuels their souls, and they feel energized after a practicing session. 

Practicing any kind of sport keeps you fit and young. Surfing specifically is considered a high-intensity workout. You use your whole body. The water acts as the required resistance for muscle building. Moreover, you age slowly when you stay active. 

Despite the defects in the surfing community, when you make friends there, you will have your own tribe for life. They will stick out for you and have your back. You will find a place to belong and express yourself freely especially when you are alone with the epic waves. 

Aiming for the Olympics

Surfing is making its way into the Olympics as it is appealing to a huge audience. However, the board’s policy requires a 50% female participation. Surfing will never make its first debut without women. If the patriarchy is not destroyed and instead equality rises, this sport will meet its end. 

Surfing is a beautiful sport that has the power to make the world a better place. We should stay silent in the face of sexism. Our voice matters, and we should all have the right to participate in different athletic events.

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

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