6 Safety Tips For Women Camping For The First Time

Camping is always fun when you’re with your family and friends, but spending a night alone in the forest is another story. It gives you the much needed time for yourself that you cannot get from the busy city you live in and makes you feel quite brave. As thrilling as solo camping can be for a person, it also presents some safety concerns. Whether it’s bad weather, wild animals, or even bad people. Check out the following safety tips to make the most of your solo camping trip by keeping you safe and comfortable.

Know the Area

Noises that you can hear at night can get a little louder and get freakier when you’re trying to sleep. So if you are camping for the first time, take some time to imagine yourself as a brave, strong, and capable woman ready to take on whatever challenges nature can throw at you. Part of being safe in the outdoors is choosing the location that suits your needs. Pick an area that is easy to remember and navigate, as much as possible position yourself in a fairly populated area. This will help you build confidence and give you the peace of mind you were looking for this camping trip. Take into consideration also the cellphone reception you get as it is important when you need to communicate or call someone for help and assistance. The more knowledgeable you are, the more you want to move out to less crowded campgrounds.

Weather Check

Make sure to check your weather app before going on a trip. As you well know, the weather nowadays is unpredictable. It could be sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon that can be subject to flash floods and mudslide. This means it is essential to pack items such as clothes and other layerings for inclement weather to avoid getting wet and freezing at night.

There are apps and websites available online that you can use to check the weather and what’s good about it is that they offer a 10-day weather forecast for you to plan and play it safe.

Pack Food Safely

It never hurts to have extra food and water just in case of an emergency or if you decided to extend your trip. Always bring water when camping or participating in other outdoor activities away from the campsite to avoid dehydration. Do not also forget to store your food properly or leave any trash elsewhere as it increases your chance to attract wildlife. To avoid unwanted animal guests, pack your food in a tight and water-repellant container, and keep them in an insulated case. Wash your hands to avoid contaminations. 

Learn Survival Skills

The world is scary, especially when you don’t have someone to help you get things around, and knowing basic survival skills like how to build a tent, how to purify your own water will give you an edge to survive on your own. There are tons of tutorial videos available online. You can watch videos on YouTube and there is a bunch of online forum topics that you can read about a woman’s guide to camping and backpacking essentials to get tips and basic information on how to be a good and prepared camper. Nonetheless, knowing a thing or two will give others the impression that you are knowledgeable and not a first-time in the field.

It may seem pointless learning some basic self-defense moves just to go camping, but it could be helpful to protect you from any danger. You don’t know what’s out in the woods, it’s much better to be safe, prepared than sorry.

Bring Your Dog

Nothing makes a good companion and a better security guard than your dog. If you have a beautiful canine companion, consider bringing them with you. They can provide the right amount of company you need. Just make sure that dogs are permitted in the area and carefully plan your dog’s activities and safety as well. Don’t forget to pack food for your companion as well, so they don’t become more of a burden during the time when you want to relax.

Be Confident

Believing in your abilities when camping is a great way to make sure your confidence level is where it should be. Being confident is key to keep you feel safe from harm and danger. If you are confident in your skills, knowledge, and abilities, then any fear you may experience would not exist. Plus, it gives you a sense of comfort when you sleep at night as you may hear noises from the wind and crickets. 

Going on camping is definitely a good idea and should try by everyone. If you are out there in the woods, enjoy every second of your serenity. Listen to the beautiful sound of nature. It can be dangerous for some, but the same goes for when you are in the city. Remember that it only takes a piece of knowledge and preparedness to be safe and sound when you are in the woods. 

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