8 Work/Vacation Destinations Every Student Should Look Into

Phuket, Thailand.

Are you looking to make the most of your breaks? If you want to focus on studying for the next semester or do an internship, then it means that you have to let go of the idea of taking a vacation. 

On the other hand, if you travel somewhere, it is likely that you will never find enough time to study while exploring the new place. Fortunately, many companies have shifted their policies to accommodate remote working. So now, all that is left for you is to choose the perfect work-vacation, or “workation” destination for you to find the right balance between studying and enjoying your holidays.

1. Phuket, Thailand

There is a reason why Phuket is preferred by digital nomads. This destination offers you spectacular views of the crystal blue waters while providing you with all the facilities necessary for working. You can easily access high-speed internet and find a quiet corner in a cafe facing the beach.

That said, you might want to dedicate more time to go for a swim or rather enjoy the nightlife. So, it might not be a bad idea to find a reliable academic platform for you to rely on. One example is the best proofread essay service EssayPro that can revise any draft you have already written, edit, proofread, and provide you with a top-grade winning paper. You can also use the site to get help from professional writers on complex topics and to write your thesis. In other words, EssayPro is perhaps the most trustworthy partner you can find for your perfect workacation.

2. Kerala, India

The southernmost state of India, Kerala, is stunningly beautiful, given the moniker God’s Own Country. And if you visit the place yourself, you will have no reason to argue with this. Kerala is diverse from one end to another, varying in the landscape, cuisine, and even the weather. 

If you prefer a beach getaway to study with a view, head over to Varkala, a spot highly preferred by international travelers. Or, you can choose to listen to a lecture while taking a trip on the houseboat along the pristine backwaters of Alleppey. Those who want to get away from the tropical weather for a while can check out Munnar, a hill station that will welcome you with tea plantations and viewpoints.

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you have some high budget to spare, then Dubai can be well worth your consideration as a workation spot. In fact, this place will allow you to stay for up to one year, even if you are simply visiting while working for another organization. However, be sure to check whether such an option is available for your country.

While in Dubai, you can spend your time checking out the glorious shopping centers, old town, visit neighboring emirates, or take a desert safari to relax for the night. 

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Europe is never a bad idea, no matter whether you are visiting to travel, to study, or both. Lisbon is particularly friendly to students, as the city is relatively cheaper when compared to other prominent destinations on the continent. Moreover, you will find several hostels and restaurants with high-speed internet or organizations offering part-time jobs to students.

You will never be short of things to do in Lisbon. Whether you want to stroll on the cobblestone streets, enjoy the cuisine, or immerse yourself in the art and culture, this city has plenty for you. And above all, the other European countries are just a short train ride away.

5. Norway, Europe

Scandinavia is not the first choice that comes to your mind when thinking of a spot to study remotely. But Norway offers you a few reasons why you might want to take a trip to the Nordic country. In fact, Norway is keen to welcome everyone and has facilitated its top sites with the best resources for a workation

According to the official Visit Norway website, you can choose to study under the northern lights, where glistening fjords, green valleys, or spectacular mountains are just on your horizon. It also provides fast Wi-Fi in almost every corner of the country. 

6. Maui, Hawaii

Find an affordable student condo in Maui to have a fabulous workation where you spend your day sipping mai tais on the beach and taking breaks to do your studying in between? Hawaii has always been a coveted location for remote workers and students.

It’s warm year-round and can be a blessing for those who feel too tired to get any work done during the winter season. On your day off, you can also do some hiking and engage with nature first-hand. 

7. Sonoma, California

California has a few notable places that are always favored by tourists. However, when you are looking for a workation spot, you do not have to go to crowded places. Sonoma County offers you the best of both worlds. The only thing is, you might want to think of a hangover cure because you might be drinking too much wine. 

Sonoma features a gorgeous coastline, redwood forests, rolling vineyards, and a farm town vibe. If you happen to visit during summer or fall, you will also catch the harvest season of this gorgeous wine country in California. 

8. Cartagena, Colombia

In Cartagena, workation rentals are quite popular, offering visitors everything they need to make this place their home for a few weeks or months. The internet is fast, and there is a laid-back beach vibe that you will enjoy. 

But, perhaps, the most appealing factor is that you can easily fly to other parts of Colombia from Cartagena, at affordable rates for students, giving you the opportunity to explore the whole country during your workation days. 

We haven’t included some of other more prominent workation destinations such as Bangkok or New Delhi in this list. This is mainly because we wanted to encourage you to visit less-explored places – which allows you the perfect combination of tranquility, the right work environment, one that is much suitable for students. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.