A Good Pair Of Scissors: How To Choose The Right One

Whether you are choosing a pair of scissors for your hair or sewing needs, you always have to ensure you get the right one. This is because it’s often said that the quality work is as equivalent to the pair of cutters in your hands. Also, due to their durability, a good pair can serve you for a lifetime. So why not invest once and for all? But before you rush to the stores, here are some essential tips on how to make the perfect choice.

1. What Work Will You Be Doing?

There must be a reason as to why you need a pair of scissors, right? So the first step is to choose one depending on the task at hand. Is it cutting thick or thin materials? If this is the case, then the edges have to be sharp enough, strong and flexible to adjust to the thickness of the fabric. This is something that standard task cutters cannot handle.

What if it’s for hairdressing? If this is your need, then you will have to select one depending on the type of hairstyles you handle. You will also have to ask yourself about the demographics of your customers and the present trends. But this shouldn’t be a cause of worry as the market is filled with various brands, sizes, and designs to suit your needs. From silver, colored, twisted to rose gold scissors, you can never run out of options. And since most of these products have no expiry date, it’s advisable to invest in a good pair, once and for all.

2. Comfort

Unless you have a unique talent, you will have to hold the scissors in your hands. And that means they ought to be comfortable. If they aren’t, they could lead to straining and you will experience fatigue, even before you finish your work. Also, in the long run, this can lead to repetitive strain injury, a condition that won’t let you work in peace. So the next time you head to the market, hold them in your hands and experience the feeling.

3. The Size

Unlike common assumptions, the size of scissors should be measured with both the blades and handle in mind and not only the latter. You, however, shouldn’t include the finger rest. Your choice for this entirely depends on your preference. But there’s always an ideal size. So if you want to purchase one, let the cutters rest on your palm, with the end-tip resting on your middle finger and your thumb touching the finger hold. The finger holes should be big enough to freely accommodate your fingers.

4. The Blade

This is one of the most important factors when selecting the right pair of scissors. Its sharpness and shape matter a lot. For instance, there are the beveled-edged ones with honed edge blades for a quick and easier cut. They are low maintenance and affordable. You, however, won’t enjoy the benefits of a smooth cut. On the other hand, the convex blades have a shallow arc towards the back of the blade with a razor-like fine finishing for a smooth cut. And since they’re sharper and more delicate, they also tend to be more expensive.

5. Right Or Left Handed?

Don’t forget this important factor when shopping for shears. You should never, by any chance, try using ones meant for another hand, It will be frustrating and a waste of time. This is especially vital for left-handed individuals. A pair that’s particularly designed for the left hand, comes with reverse blades that will help you avoid hand and wrist twisting. It also offers a comfortable and more natural feel.

6. The Screw System

Every pair of scissors come with a screw system in place. It should be flat and adjustable for better functionality as you can easily change the tension. When buying one, open the scissors to full angle and see if the blade is dropping freely and with a smooth stop.

7. The Warranty Details

As you peruse through various scissors brands, ensure you settle for one with the longest warranty. We are assuming that you’re buying a durable pair to avoid unnecessary replacements.

A pair of scissors might seem like a small tool, but it performs more tasks than you can imagine. In fact, every household should have one. From hairdressing to cutting fabrics, you can never run out of use for it. But to get value for your money, it’s good to invest in a durable one, that too with your needs in mind. And for that, take time to inspect the functionality and comfort of each part.

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