Dressing To Flatter & Celebrate Your Body Type

While fashion trends are always changing, it’s important to know which clothing styles flatter your figure and highlight your best features. Finding clothes that suit your body type means adding confidence and style to your overall look, regardless of what is trending or not.

Understanding your body shape is the first step in creating a wardrobe that showcases your style and natural beauty. In this article, we’ll help you identify your body shape and provide tips on how to dress to accentuate your strengths.

What Is Your Body Shape?

Knowing your body shape can help you find clothes that fit well and showcase your best features. Here are some common female body shapes:

  • Apple: This shape is characterized by a full midsection, narrower legs and arms, and an undefined waistline.
  • Pear: Also known as a triangle, this shape is defined by a waist, hips, and rear that are wider than the bust and shoulders.
  • Hourglass: Here, the shoulders and hips are evenly balanced with a narrow,  well-defined waist.
  • Athletic: Also known as rectangular, the shoulders and hips are a similar width and the waist is straight or undefined, with weight distributed evenly across the body.

You can also pay attention to the clothing you already wear that receives positive reactions from others. For example, it may be a dress with a cinched waist, a pencil skirt, or a pair of jeans that flatter your figure. Take note of their shape and use them as a reference when making future fashion choices. 

How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Once you’ve identified your body shape, you can now dress to enhance your appearance. Here are some tips on how to style yourself based on your figure:

Apple Shape

For women with an apple body shape, it is best to focus on clothing that diverts attention from the midsection and instead, highlights the bust and legs. Clothes that fit well without being too tight or clingy are ideal such as these dresses at Shop the Mint. 

V-necks or plunging necklines can help to elongate the torso, while peplum tops or tunics with a looser fit can sit comfortably over the midsection. Wrap dresses or those with a higher waistline are also flattering, and wide-legged pants, such as palazzo, culotte, or sailor will help to balance the proportions between the upper and lower body.

Pear Shape

For a pear-shaped body, the focus should be on accentuating the upper half and minimizing the hips to achieve a balanced appearance. Eye-catching blouses and shirts with bold designs and vivid colors help draw attention to the upper body, while wide, bateau, or sweetheart necklines create the illusion of broader shoulders. 

Dresses that cinch at the waist and balance out the hips, such as A-line, empire, or maxi styles, are ideal while straight, high-rise or bootcut pants can help balance the hips and legs.

Hourglass Shape

Hourglass figures, made famous by women like Bridgette Bardot and Beyonce, can be dressed to accentuate their curves by following their natural silhouettes. Opt for well-fitted outfits that hug the figure and highlight the waist, such as cinched waist skirts or dresses or those with a belt. Low necklines like sweetheart, off-shoulder, and scoop can showcase the bust, while boat, round, or V-necklines can help to minimize it. 

High-waisted jeans or pants that hug the hips, such as wide-legged, loose styles, or those with flared bottoms will flatter this body shape. while leggings or skinny jeans can produce a more curvaceous look.

Athletic Shape

Clothes that emphasize the athletic figure’s toned arms and legs can complement this body shape. Dresses with a cinched waist, such as A-line, or fit-and-flare styles, can help to create more of an hourglass shape while layered, full, pencil, and mini skirts can add volume and shape to the lower part of the body. Shapewear can also help to create curves by adding definition to the waist.

Various necklines will work well with this body shape by flattering and drawing attention to the shoulders, bust, or neckline. Consider styles such as halter, cowl, scoop, or sweetheart to create the desired look. Athletic body shapes look best in pants styles that create definition at the waist and balance out the hips and legs such as high-waisted, straight-leg, or bootcut styles. 

Regardless of your body shape, you can discover a style that suits you. Use the advice in this article to build a wardrobe you love and that flatters your figure.

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