FEMINIST FRIDAY: A Female-Driven Web Series, Instagram Show & A Mockumentary Short

Welcome to another Feminist Friday! Our weekly column where we celebrate all things intersectional and feminist by sharing 3 of our fave videos we can’t get enough of. This week our theme is female-driven content, showcasing how women are creating content that spans across a number of different formats and platforms, choosing to get their work and stories out into the world in innovative ways.

First up, we web series from the LA-based production company called HRDWRKER called ‘Rituals’. The series looks at 4 prominent women in the entertainment industry and contemplates how daily practices can lead to one’s personal and professional growth. The women profiled in each of the short episodes are Liz Hernandez (Emmy award winning Host and entrepreneur), VIAA (singer songwriter who has worked with Willow Smith, Anderson Paak and Doja Cat), Estefani Alarcon (writer and editor) and Joy Bryant (Actress and designer).

GTHQ readers may already be familiar with Estefani’s work as she has previously contributed an article to our site, which you can check out here. Watch all the ‘Rituals’ episodes on the HRDWRKER website, and take a look at Estefani’s episode below:

Our second feature this week is an Instagram series called ‘Molly & Pip’ created by Rachel Bles and Sara Nimeh who wanted to make unique and innovative social media content for women in a way that allowed audiences to interact with them right where they view an episode.

‘Molly & Pip’ is a fully scripted comedic series that you can watch anywhere, anytime, even in line getting your coffee. With social media users now able to interact with creators via content on an account feed, through IG stories, and now with the added feature of hour-long videos, we are sure to see more filmmakers utilizing the platform as a means of distribution and audience-building, circumventing traditional Hollywood avenues that have typically been biased against women, although that is slowly starting to change.

The creators of ‘Molly & Pip’ also wanted to make a series that didn’t play into the insecurities often talked about on social media platforms, and instead showed empowered women in everyday situations.

“Social media is full of influencers and celebrities whose entire career is based on the envy of their fans. We set out to make an alternative to this kind of entertainment. Something that was fun, light-hearted, and showed women fighting for themselves and their dreams. As Molly, I interact with young women from all over the world everyday who are so relieved to have a character that they can laugh with, and relate to, instead of one who is unreachable. I am passionate about creating entertainment that makes us feel good, that makes us feel connected, and that brings people together in laughter,” said Rachel Bles about ‘Molly & Pip’. Watch episode 1 below, and be sure to follow the IG account for the rest of the series.

The final video this week is the trailer for a music-driven mockumentary short film about a synthpop band that becomes famous thanks to a cat video called ‘We Are The Prototypes’, from director, writer and producer Ayesha Adamo. The film is a narrative comedic short that is sure to be a favorite with music lovers and cat lovers alike. With heavy nods to the mockumentary style of Christopher Guest, ‘We Are The Prototypes’ marks itself as ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ for the YouTube generation.

A combination of interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and concert performances gives an inside look at The Prototypes’ journey from metal band obscurity to synthpop stardom as the trailblazing founders of I.F.E. (Intelligent Feline Electronica). With its fun and colorful fast-paced comedic style, the film cleverly addresses changes in the music industry, the phenomenon of Internet fame, and the waning interest in musicians who actually play instruments—but it’s all in good fun. 

We’re all about this film and the feel-good, humorous energy it gives us. With so many depressing things happening in the world right now, every now and then it’s important to take time out to laugh, while also celebrating the work of some talented female creators. ‘We Are The Prototypes’ is doing this for us right now. Check out the trailer below, and head to the website to learn more about screenings.



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