FEMINIST FRIDAY: K-Y Launch Docu-Series Filled With Sex-Positive And Educational Content

Welcome to another edition of Feminist Friday – our weekly column where we share 3 of our fave videos or pieces of content that we are loving right now, centered around a theme that falls under our definition of intersectional feminism. This week it’s all about breaking taboos and using storytelling and education to do this.

The first video comes from personal lubricant brand K-Y, who are not just about sexual health and pleasure, but also sex education. They have just released a new documentary series called ‘The Pleasure is Mine’ where they start conversations with real women talking candidly about their complex relationships with sex and pleasure. Episode 1 is all about sex education, or the lack thereof, and how dangerous misinformation can play a major role in how people view their bodies, their sexuality and their relationships.

“Only 24 states requires sex education. And of those, only 13 states require that it be scientifically accurate. Many schools don’t teach it at all. And when they do, it’s presented as a biological necessity, or worse, as a dangerous act to be avoided for fear of STDs and pregnancy. The idea of sexual pleasure, and the value of sex-positive conversation isn’t even discussed. The Pleasure Is Mine features a diverse group of women, in various life stages and from different cultural backgrounds, discussing the very real roadblocks to sexual fulfillment—everything from constantly putting their partners’ needs first, to the subconscious challenges which stop them from asking for what they want in intimate relationships.”

The second video is also part of a mini docu-series called ‘Courage to Question’ produced by Google and UN Women, in conjunction with civil society organizations Vital Voices and Global Fund for Women. This is a VR series showcasing the important and groundbreaking work of 4 women’s rights activists around the world.

“Many of us who fight for women’s rights have the privilege of knowing mighty women and girls. They are the courageous ones–those who insist on and fight for a future where women and girls are free from violence and can live out their full potential. Most of these women’s rights defenders are not widely known, yet work tirelessly at grave risk to themselves and their families. But they are dogged. They are fearless. They are unbowed. They are leaders,” describes the series homepage.

“We identified four women’s rights defenders who are building movements against mass incarceration, human trafficking, child marriage and sexual violence.” Watch the series trailer below, and be sure to watch all the episodes HERE.

Our final video this week looks ahead to the FIFA Women’s World Cup being held in France this year from June 7 to July 7. Major tournament sponsor Visa (UK) released a campaign video called ‘One Moment Can Change The World’ aimed at amplifying the meaningful moments women are creating on and off the pitch as Visa look to reaffirm their commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs, cardholders, small business owners and athletes. 

“Our new campaign features moments of female empowerment and acceptance inspired by true stories from players creating a sense of authenticity. Each of these moments cumulatively ‘change the game’ for good. We want Visa to be a catalyst to create positive change both in women’s football, but also levelling the playing field in other areas,” said Suzy Brown, Visa’s Marketing Director for UK & Ireland in a press statement.

The campaign showcases a series of vignettes, inspired by the true stories of female football players including Team Visa athletes Lucy Bronze, Eugenie Le Sommer (France), Kim Little (Scotland), Dzsenifer Maroszan (Germany) and Nadia Nadim (Denmark). Take a look below as you get set for the competition to begin next month!

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