FEMINIST FRIDAY: New Web Series ‘Quinta Vs Everything’ Is Our Latest Online Obsession

Welcome to another edition of Feminist Friday, our fave time of the week where we get to share a handful of videos we are obsessing over right now. This week, we’re dedicating the entire column to a new web series that debuted in December 2017, and quickly became our new online obsession.

It’s called ‘Quinta vs Everything’ and stars Buzzfeed personality Quinta Brunson, who tackles everyday life in each 8 minute episode, which you can find on the official Facebook Page.

“In Quinta Vs. Everything, Quinta Brunson steps into the metaphorical ring with her issues, taking every roadblock in her life – from self-care to family life – as head-to-head combat. There’s no telling how things will go,” says the description of what the series is about.

With one of the episodes already garnering over 1 million views on Facebook, clearly Quinta’s take on life is hitting the right note for a lot of viewers. This show is one of 5 of Buzzfeed’s originals to debut on Facebook’s ‘Watch’ platform, where fans and viewers can tune in online to see exciting new content tailor-made for an audience that is already accustomed to watching personalities like Quinta Brunson on the web.

With the world of digital streaming platforms opening up a whole host of new opportunities especially for women of color, it’s also badass to see content that centers the voices, stories and talents of those who traditional broadcast mediums are yet to open to floodgates for.

This seems to be the kind of path that a number of creators are taking in order to be heard and seen. Before her hit HBO show ‘Insecure’ debuted, creator and star Issa Rae was making her hilarious episodes for Youtube in a series called ‘Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl’. We’ve previously written about a new web series called ‘Brown Girls’, which also started out as a web series, centering the stories of women of color as well as queer women. This series will also be making its way to HBO in the future.

It’s great to see more diverse characters and content making their way to mainstream platforms and networks. With Quinta Brunson’s already large audience, her take on life and various issues will impact even more viewers and continue to show major Hollywood executives that these are the kinds of stories we want to see.

The series’ that Buzzfeed are launching on Facebook is targeting a new generation and new landscape of entertainment that is steadily moving away from traditional Hollywood studios and networks. This is a good thing for all of us as we can now choose our viewing experience and find more content that features diverse stories and experiences.

And if you love what you see of ‘Quinta vs Everything’, check out all the pre-made gifs on Giphy.com. Supporting shows like this by sharing it on social media will also ensure Buzzfeed continues to invest in women of color talent and keep bringing us all the Quinta goodness we need!

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