FEMINIST FRIDAY: Women In Film “Flip The Script” & Miss Eaves Celebrates “Thunder Thighs”

YAS QUEENS! You better believe it’s Feminist Friday, and this week’s edition of our ongoing series sharing our favorite videos of the moment are undeniably packed with some high caliber female empowerment. We’re talking about some serious, unapologetic body positivity, women in Hollywood using comedy to expose sexism in the industry, and a high school girl showing why her generation are the voices of the future.

First up, you gotta check out the new ‘Flip The Script’ web series from Women in Film Los Angeles. From the trailer they released, we can see that they are taking on stereotypical sexist situations women in the industry face, and flipping the gender roles to show how absurd it is.

Side note: it’s sad that we have to show a man on the receiving end of sexism for people to see why it is wrong and ridiculous…

If you aren’t familiar with what women in Hollywood experience away from what the public is aware of, we highly recommend checking out the Sh*t People Say To Women Directors Tumblr, which is filled with real stories from directors, producers, writers, DP’s etc explaining the micro and macro aggressions they face on a daily basis simply because of their gender.

Which is why the WIF ‘Flip The Script’ series, written and created by Ally Iseman, and produced by Tessa Bell, Meredith Riley Stewart and Ally Iseman, is necessary. The series launched on June 14th, and below is the teaser for what you can expect:

Next up, a video from Queen Creek Middle School in Arizona. During a 7th grade class presentation, a young female student gave a powerful, goosebumps-inducing performance of a poem she had written about bullying, societal standards, and the pressure to fit in.

These are themes pretty much everyone can relate to, and for women especially, the pressure to conform to beauty standards start appearing early in our lives from magazines, TV shows, mainstream media, the fashion industry, and yes, even some sexist school dress codes.

This young student showing how overwhelming the high school and teenage years can be are an important reminder of the need for positive and supportive role models in the lives of youth, and the need to affirm their voices as they speak out about their experiences.

And finally, since summer is almost here, we’ve got you covered with a summer anthem that leave you feeling empowered about our body, especially since this is usually the time we start getting bombarded with messages about getting that “bikini body”. A standard which mysteriously only seems to be upheld for one particular body type…

Well leave it to Brooklyn-based artist and musician Miss Eaves to throw some major shade on these narrow standards with her song and accompanying video for ‘Thunder Thighs’. The track is a follow up to her sex-positive self-pleasure track ‘Hump Day’, both of which are featured on her forthcoming album ‘Feminasty’, out August 4th.

In an interview with Jezebel’s The Muse, Miss Eaves said the lyrics and imagery were about body positivity, authenticity, and allowing women like her to embrace the body they are in despite the often contrary messages seen in the mainstream.

“When I am writing music I want to honestly represent my experiences. I am not too concerned with writing about things that are on trend or popular… I want to come from a more genuine place. This track is really about me embracing my body but also finding the humor in issues thicker people face,” she said.

Miss Eaves is also the creator of The Every Body Project on Instagram, where you can find plenty more inspo abotu self-love, inclusivity, diversity and truly unapologetically being yourself.


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