A Feminist Superhero Underwear Collection? Dear Kate Has You Covered


An underwear range inspired by real life female superheroes? Be still our beating hearts! It is true, there is a feminist superhero underwear collection that will suit any booty and empower you at the same time. So who is the brand behind this genius collection? Dear Kate, of course. The brand that have, in the past, proved they are willing to go against the grain when it comes to marketing, and show a range of female body types in their ad campaigns because hey, it’s not just size 0 women who war underclothes (*cough cough* Victoria’s Secret, we’re looking at you).

This time Dear Kate have teamed up with League of Ladies, another brand, to launch the Dear Kate+League of Ladies collection which is a celebration of 4 female heroes who we all know by name, but let’s be honest, they don’t get enough air time in the media.

The idea was to “reimagine” the way we look at female superheroes, because Disney Princesses who defeat evil witches, or even comic book characters with skintight suits and supernatural powers are not exactly examples of women girls are going to grow up trying to emulate. And if they do we as a society are not doing our job of inspiring the next generation in a positive way properly!


“If you look at traditional female superheroes, they are depicted in unrealistic proportions with a fixation on superficiality. Our collaborators for the League Of Ladies Collection realized that there’s so much more that ambitious women aspire to be, so why not create a line of superhero underwear featuring women who changed the course of history? Thus, The League Of Ladies was born,” said Isabella Giancarlo, marketing coordinator for Dear Kate.

The four historical women they chose were Harriet Tubman, African-American humanitarian and spy during the American Civil War, Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist famous for her feminist depictions of women, revolutionary Polish-French scientist Marie Curie who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity and was the first woman to ever win a Nobel Prize, and pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean.

These women have now been immortalized in superhero drawings on each of the limited edition underwear pieces in the collection, and the added bonus in this rad campaign is the women who are modeling the underwear. In signature Dear Kate style, they aren’t just ordinary women booked from a modeling agency. They are 4 women who are currently doing some extraordinary things in real life that Dear Kate wanted to celebrate.


“Our Marie is Kelly Carnes, a science communicator in Washington DC. Harriet is represented by Zoe Travis, an actor and playwright with a passion for social justice that she weaves into her thespian projects. Our Amelia is Roxanne Fequiere as she is flying in the face of traditional print giants being the founder and editor-in-chief of Golly Magazine. And Frida is modeled by Jackie Zebrowski, a comedian who brings her relentless honesty and self-awareness to life on stage, and also stars in a new web-series, ‘Rare Birds of Fashion’.” said Isabella.

Aside from portraying amazing women who have changed the course of world history, Dear Kate want this collection, like all their others, to inspire everyday women to be amazing.

“You are a superhero, whether your daily heroics are small or large,” says the website which also says it wants to “celebrate the multitude of ways women are incredible.”

The way we see it, it’s incredible and confronting to see a variety of female body types being used in a fashion campaign. As a society we are so used to only seeing one stock standard body in almost every advertising campaign, and it does nothing to inspire anything positive in the majority of us. Seeing a diverse range of representation in underwear campaigns does a lot more toward that whole “aspirational” thing than what some fashion designers and brands claim they are doing by showing a heavily airbrushed Gisele Bundchen in a dress not fit for real life. Just sayin…

Check out the images below and head on over to the online store to get your pair as this is a limited edition collection.









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