How The Rise Of Telemedicine Is Revolutionizing Access For Women’s Sexual Health

Women have seen numerous progressive movements when it comes to rights, voting and taking up space in the world. But if there is one thing that has yet to evolve at the same pace it is our health care and access to care that is best for us. Culturally we still default to putting our personal health on the backburner, especially our sexual health thanks to centuries of negative messages that amount to shaming and misinformation. Despite the wave of empowerment that women are experiencing today in the workplace and in society, taking care of our body is often not included on the list, simply because our bodies have not been prioritized in the past.

With increasingly stringent government health policies threatening the right for women to be successful in many different ways, it’s time we develop a new strategy to better care for child-bearing, hard-working, dedicated women, who spend every day caring for others just to be stripped of their rights on their free time. With introductions to emerging markets and technology like Telemedicine, the world is changing for women’s health in the best way possible.

Telemedicine was first introduced in the 1950’s when a handful of hospitals and medical centers experimented with sharing information and images via telephone. In its early days, it was primarily used to connect doctors working with a patient in one location too with a specialist in another. This was and continues to be, an asset to those living in rural areas who have limited options medical-wise.

Fast forward to the end of 2018 and telemedicine is thriving now more than ever. Companies across the globe are now dedicating their resources to helping women receive health care in the most efficient way possible to bridge the gap between things like sexual health, the public, and insurance. If the information and treatment are more easily accessible, people are going to be more inclined to receive it.

In the past, women’s sexual health has been a topic that’s swept under the rug. Hers, a company focused on empowering women to regain control of their health and wellness, launched November 1. Hers is made for women, by women, with only their interests in mind. Hers focuses on solutions for health issues such as thinning hair and low sex drive and individually based treatment plans to combat these issues. With about 26 products on the market geared towards men’s sexual health, hers’ creators felt it was time to level the playing field.

Hers launched into the telecommunication era promoting that there’s no more booking time off to go to an in-person doctor’s appointment, pharmacy lines, or insurance company on-hold music. In every way possible, Hers wants to take this hassle off of your plate.

For many years, female sexuality has developed into a taboo topic that women and men are uncomfortable addressing, mainly pertaining to the conversation around sexual health and best practices for females. Hers dug into the history of female sexuality after finding success with the methods and conversations they founded with Hims, the counter brand for men looking to stabilize their sexual and physical lifestyle.

While the topic around men’s health is vastly different, both connect in a way of using telemedicine to get the public supplements and care at an at-need basis. We live very fast lifestyles and sometimes don’t have time to schedule an appointment with a doctor to talk about why our libidos are low, or can’t afford the insurance and doctor visits to request birth control.

From the beginning of time, as a culture, we’ve only understood women to carry babies and to only need gynecological guidance to have children and discuss the effects of childbirth, but women’s health goes so far beyond that. Hers taps into women’s skin, hair, and sex market to infiltrate and telecommunicate through those popular topics in order to give women an outlet into better managing the “less desired” conversations.

On the front page, you’ll read, “We don’t have to tell you what you need, you know your body. Putting you first is now easier — and that’s a beautiful thing”. Hers intends to not only start a conversation about health in the women’s community but give women immediate access to the items they need, right at the click of a button. Hers gives women the power to control their health from their fingertips from birth control to hair loss serums, and with this access, women’s health and the health of our community will change forever.


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