Our Top Holiday Gift Idea: Edifier Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones

It’s that “most wonderful time of the year” again and with the holiday season comes the rush of shopping sprees, Black Friday sales, and the manic pursuit of buying the perfect gift for your loved one. And while many of us are still adjusting to a life amidst an ongoing pandemic, there are ways we can stay connected and show love with the gifts we give.

This year we decided to try out the new Edifier active noise canceling Bluetooth Stereo Headphones as we continue to work from home and aim to stay connected to people we love. With two colors to choose from, these babies allow for 25 hours playback with Bluetooth and ANC functions switched on (up to 80 hours of battery life!), fit snug into a secure travel pouch.

The lightweight design means that the longer you keep these headphones on, you won’t feel strain on your eyes like other headphones. If you’re anything like us and spend a good chunk of the workday on Zoom calls or simply keeping up to date with your favorite podcast, you need a product like this that can accommodate all your needs.

And if your needs are blocking out ambient noise so you can concentrate on your task at hand, the noise canceling function has you covered. The W828NB generates its own interference to greatly reduce ambient white noise. This means there will be nothing to get between you and your fave playlist or cliffhanger podcast storytelling episode.

For the holiday season, we’re recommending our readers put on a pair of the Edifier active noise canceling Bluetooth Stereo Headphones and download our founder Asha Dahya’s book “Today’s Wonder Women: Everyday Superheroes Who Are Changing The World” available on Audible. Get immersed in the inspiring, badass stories of 50 womxn and girls whose interviews and profiles will remind us all that we can all make a difference in our communities, sometimes it just takes the right opportunities and tools.

The genesis for this book came from our blog series of the same title, and we hope you will love these stories as much as we have enjoyed finding and putting them together for our audience. And with a little help from Edifier, this season you can block out all the noise, put on a pair of headphones, and listen the whole way through without any interruptions!

Head to the Edifier website to learn more and find your fave pick!