Queer Comedy Podcast Duo “Two Dykes & A Mic” Take Their Hilarious Show On The Road!

Two queer best friends who are funny, horny, and full of heart, discussing sex, love, and middle-aged actresses. That’s the description of the (and we cannot emphasize this enough) HILARIOUS podcast series Two Dykes and a Mic, the queer podcast chart-topping show hosted by iconic queer comedians McKenzie Goodwin and Rachel Scanlon. To take things up a notch and share the queer comedy goodness around, the duo will be traveling across the U.S. and Canada for a number of live podcast-taping shows. 

The weekly podcast and internationally touring comedy show is dedicated to sex positivity, queer dating, and building a community filled with laughter and gayness. 

On their show, best friends McKenzie and Rachel keep listeners up to date with the Gay News segment, give relationship advice with Ask a Dyke, share dating horror stories with Bumble Fumbles, and keep their audience laughing with fan-favorite segments What’s Gayer?, Who Tops Who? and more.

“Let queer people be silly and full of joy even when June ends. The other months are super gay too!” says McKenzie in a press release.

At their Two Dykes and A Mic live tour dates, the audience gets to see comedy and the podcast come to life. They’ll talk all things queer including the dangers of letting your bi friend drive, address the question: is wearing a flannel while straight queer bating?, and talk through the jawlines that ripped them out of the closet. They’ll also interview surprise guests along the way including Margaret Cho, Mae Martin, and E.R. Fightmaster. 

The Two Dykes and a Mic tour kicks off August 1 in Houston, TX, and in anticipation of the belly laughs we KNOW you will be experiencing, we managed to grab a quick Q&A with the hosts to see what audiences can expect from the shows, and why sex positivity through comedy is their jam!

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Congrats on the start of an exciting tour! How has it been so far on the road? 

McKenzie Goodwin: It’s been an amazing journey so far, getting to perform for thousands of queer people all over the country has been an absolute dream. Every night feels like a coming together of queer friends, making a safe space for gay people to laugh at themselves and feel seen.  

Have there been particular jokes or stories that have gotten a surprising reaction from audiences?

Rachel Scanlon: You know what always shocks me, is when we end a show with the Reba smash hit Survivor, everyone knows that it, for whatever reason, not only slaps but is deeply queer.

What is your creative process of putting the show together as a duo? 

MG: We curate each show to the city we are in, which is very fun for us because we get to learn a lot about the areas we’re visiting! Not only that, there is a portion of the show where we answer live “Ask a Dyke” questions from the audience which is so much fun to hear from queer people each night and get to see what issues/ questions they have in certain areas.

Being able to put a new show together while on the road is so much fun because every night is new, which makes each show so special and exciting! You never know what you’ll get at a Two Dykes and a Mic show!

Rachel Scanlon

Why did you decide to take the podcast show on the road and include a live audience?

RS: Kenz and I, first and foremost, before our queer identities, identify mostly as clowns. We are two silly gay gooses. We are stand up comedians who fell in love (friendship-wise) on a podcast that has connected with hot queers all over the world. Mixing our years of experience in stand up with this podcast that we love so much, the next logical step was to hit the road and do it live!

You have some exciting guests on the tour – folks like Mae Martin and Margaret Cho. Can you share more about what they will be sharing in the taping?

RS: Having guests like these is like gay Christmas! They were incredible guests coming into the Two Dykes world and sharing their stories and laughs with all of us. On the episode you’ll hear Mae play ACTUAL audio clips of them sleep talking and saying some of the wildest things, it’s a must listen. We even had Margaret look through the audience and hand pick who the gayest person there was!

McKenzie Goodwin

Sex positivity is a big topic in your shows. Can you talk more about the importance of sex positivity right now in a country where we are seeing so much regression on this topic? 

RS: I love taking every opportunity to talk about sex, especially queer sex. I think a big part of our show is talking about the things we wanted to hear about when we came out of the closet. I always wanted to see two queer besties laughing about gay shit together. I was deeply closeted during every sleepover party I was at, so now we are making up for lost time. 

What do you each want audiences to leave the tapings feeling or remembering the most?

MG: I want our audiences to leave feeling seen. As queer people a lot of times we can feel isolated or that there aren’t a lot of us, so our show is especially magical because we’re getting hundreds of queer people together in a room where we can all laugh at ourselves.

The Two Dykes and a Mic tour kicks off August 1 in Houston, TX. For all ticket links and show info visit TwoDykesAndAMic.com, and follow the duo on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to listen and subscribe to the podcast!

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