Self-Worth Is Not Just An Ideal, It Is The Key To Living In Confidence, Power & Purpose


By Shinjini Das

Self-worth is a fascinating concept, because as simple as it is to believe that self-worth should indeed radiate from within, more often than not, girls around the world struggle to truly manifest this concept. Throughout my experiences empowering girls globally to embrace their full selves and channel ultra-high levels of self-confidence, I have witnessed firsthand the series of fairly demonizing inner dialogues that these young people engage in on a daily basis.

It is unfortunate to speak to another individual this way, much less to yourself. Empowerment of humanity begins with self-empowerment, which is essentially rooted in a high self-worth. Let’s start with identifying the definition of self-worth. Defined as the intrinsic value of oneself as an individual as determined by oneself, if we look closely, we will understand that the word “self” is repeated quite a few many times in both the original word and the definition, meaning that self-worth should manifest from oneself, not from other individuals, our parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, or magazines.

On a surface level, this is not a difficult concept to understand, but it is much more difficult to execute on, because it is just so easy to fall into the trap of deriving our self-worth from sources external to ourselves. The next time any of us catches ourselves pointing to external factors in building ourselves up, we must STOP, re-trace our steps, and start from the beginning by looking within our souls, because that is where the magic is found.


So, what are some of the most effective strategies to draw our self-worth from within ourselves instead of looking to external sources? My first piece of advice would be to focus on achieving tangible excellence in an array of activities, whether as a brilliant student, graceful dancer, talented artist, or motivated soccer player. Confidence is drawn from concretely successful abilities in a variety of arenas, and the more girls develop tangible skills in many areas, the more their inner confidence will soar, because they realize their intrinsic value as capable, confident, and driven human beings.

Perhaps, a point of improvement here is to devote more attention towards ensuring that girls delve deep into more activities in order to develop these skills, in essence let them do more than think about doing, since consistent action builds considerable self-confidence.

My favorite activity to consistently ensure that my inner levels of self-confidence are high is engaging in empowering talks with myself. Some may call this crazy, but I absolutely LOVE talking to myself, because let us be honest, who knows us better than we know ourselves? No one, so we really have to make a concerted effort to talk to ourselves on a deeply personal level to understand our deepest desires, fears, talents, and wishes.


I am a major proponent of spending considerable amounts of time in solitude to discover the truest versions of ourselves. This way, any time I catch myself thinking of potentially self-effacing beliefs, I immediately shut down those thought centers, and focus on the positives and most importantly, on what can happen, instead of what cannot happen. Empowerment always begins with self-empowerment.

The final step in achieving a soaring degree of self-worth is to practice high self-worth behaviors each and every day. For instance, instead of telling oneself negative and potentially self-destructive ideas, focus instead on the open ocean of positivity, the facets we truly enjoy about ourselves, the reasons we are so blessed to be born into this world, not as anyone else, but as our own beautiful selves.


We quickly realize how grateful we are to inhabit our own body and soul, thereby elevating our self-worth on a regular basis. I have nurtured a deep sense of love with myself over the years, and am truly appreciative of the beautiful life I have the opportunity to live every day, and so should you.

Self-love is a stunning concept, because it is rooted in a deep sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and ultimately, self-appreciation. When we fall in love with ourselves first, the rest of the world does too in due time. Practice high self-worth behaviors from today!

No surprise the advantages of a high self-worth mindset and existence transcend far beyond what we could ever have imagined. My ultimate hope is that through my global platform, I am able to empower millions of women worldwide to fall in love with their beautiful selves and radiate a sense of worth, purpose, confidence, power, and value from deep within their souls, because that is the purest and truest form of beauty.



Shinjini Das is a Keynote Speaker, trilingual Multi-Media Personality, Huffington Post Contributor, Brand Spokesperson, and Engineer with a social media following of 96,000+. An empowering and globally recognized versatile talent, she has been featured on ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, Sirius XM, INC. FORBES.
She was invited to moderate a panel at the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations Headquarters in March 2016, profiled in INC. Magazine to share her thoughts on broadening access to education for girls globally and most recently, interviewed in Forbes Magazine as an entrepreneur balancing a corporate career.
You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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