Tattoo Phuket: Best Practices Before And After Getting Tattoos

Tattoos were culturally accepted in many countries long before they became a cosmetic trend. It had many uses as a form of communication between spies in ancient Greeks (read more) and a mark to identify prisoners for Romans. Today, tattoo designs were modernized and naturally became a skin cosmetic, though there are still tribesmen that do it for rituals and beliefs. Artists from Phuket are no beginners when it comes to tattooing. Phuket is known for its beautiful beaches and, guess what, tattoos!

If you are in Phuket, Thailand, right now and about to get a tattoo, there are some important things to be aware of not just when it comes to getting a tattoo, but also about the local customs and what to look for. Here are some of the best practices before and after getting a tattoo, which don’t just apply to Phuket Island, but anywhere.

The list below is divided into before and after practices. Pay close attention because this might potentially be helpful in both saving yourself from your health and your money.


A Little Bit Of Research Might Save Your Skin

Phuket, Thailand, home to many of the best tattoo studios in the country; amassing more than fifteen studios, one could say it is the capital city for tattoo artists. But with so many tattooing studios, good and bad ones are mixed. You may stumble into a shady studio that gives tattooing services for a lower price, but that may not necessarily mean the best quality. Be aware of scams!

On the quality side of the business, it’s not just about how your tattoo may turn out, but also how neat and tidy the conditions are in the studio. Good studios like Inkedmachine keep their place as clean as possible, and they use disposables to prevent contact with diseases transmitted through blood. With the presence of the Coronavirus, cleanliness plays a huge role in preventing the spread.

Other things to research:

An Artist That Knows What They Are Doing

There is a way to identify a professional tattoo artist from scammers. Professional artists have a license to prove they are the real deal and permitted by the law to do what they do best. Although you would not have to do some background checks in tattooing studios, there are still freelance artists in Phuket that you can get tattoos from. Knowing what they are capable of is an essential thing to ask to save your skin.

Know The Style Of Your Artist

An artist who listens to your request is always a good sign when getting a tattoo. Some artists grow accustomed to the standard tattoo designs and may struggle with customized ones. Those who get used to customized designs are usually good at inking complex pictures.

Personal Hygiene Is The Best Way To Prevent Diseases

Having good personal hygiene is healthy in general, but when getting tattoos, it is crucial. Our skin is the first line of defense from contagious infections. Getting tattoos means breaking the skin with needles, then inking them to get the cosmetic look. With a breakage of the skin, microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses could easily enter and affect different systems of our body.

We humans all have bacteria in and on our bodies. These bacteria are called “flora” (link:, and they can be found on our skin, in our stomach, and our intestines. Although they are proven beneficial to our body, there is flora that can cause infection when there is an opportunity. One crucial piece of advice is to wash before getting tattoos.

Know The Culture Of The Country

Knowing Thailand’s culture is as important as knowing your own culture. When planning a visit to their country, understand that you have to follow their own rules and respect their traditions and beliefs. This is important because parts of Thailand prohibit tattoos on many parts of our body. 

Thais find it rude when you have a tattoo of Buddha under your waistline. So, understand that artists may have limited designs or body parts they can ink.


Protect Your Skin!

Tattooing affects the epidermis and parts of the dermis layers of the skin. The reason behind why it causes excruciating pain is because nociceptors embed in these layers. These nociceptors are pain receptors that send signals to the brain and translate it into pain.

To protect your skin, wear something baggy or spacious clothing to give your skin some space. Minimize contact with anything that can touch the affected site by avoiding crowded places and narrow spaces. Lastly, avoid exposure to UV rays from the sun because they are harmful. Phuket is a sunny place, so if unavoidable, use sunscreen lotion that is safe to use on wounded parts.

Know What Is Normal And Abnormal

Knowing the difference between the side effects and adverse effects when getting a tattoo can both save your health and save your money. Side-effects are mild and predictable occurrences, while adverse effects are severe ones and can be fatal. Early detection for adverse effects is the key to save your life, so even a little knowledge of it is crucial.

Known side-effects:

  • Redness that disappears after the skin is healed
  • Mild swelling that does disappears after healing
  • Tenderness (pain to touch); and
  • Mild itch around the site

Adverse effects:

  • Severe itchiness
  • Rashes
  • Fever
  • Redness that persist

At the end of the day, it all comes down to being careful. Always make sure that you are getting tattooed by real professionals and in registered clinics. Don’t slack on the aftercare and you’ll be alright.

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