This 10 Y/O Designer, Once Bullied For Her Weight, Just Showcased Her Work At NYFW


This 10 year old girl is literally the living definition of the phrase “success is the best revenge” so take note!

Egypt “Ify” Ufele, from Queens, New York, is not your average school girl but is definitely an inspiration to others her age. The story starts in a not-to-great way. Ify was bullied at school for her weight, and experienced things no person, let alone a 10 year old girl, should. Kids would slap her lunch out of her hands, stab her with pencils, and put up with aggression from her tormentors.

But instead of letting it get to her, she told her mother and grandmother about it and together they dealt with the pain. Ify told New York 1 news that she started sewing clothes for her dolls as a way to distract her from the bullying. That hobby was the start of her fashion week debut.

“She started when she was three, sitting and watching me sew. That was interesting because the average child would want to watch television,” said her grandmother Nellie Rembert.

Ify transitioned from dolls clothing to human clothing, using the same style of African patterns which she believes is symbolic of her African as well as American heritage.


Ify’s mother Dr. Reba Perry speaks not so much as a mother would any normal daughter, but more like a person speaking of someone they admire greatly.

“She comes out of school, goes straight into homework, and when other kids are out playing, she’s either cutting patterns or she’s creating new ideas,” she said proudly.

Those ideas have now become a clothing brand called Chubii Line, which made its way to a runway show during New York Fashion Week, something every designer dreams of. According to her website, Ify’s designs are about “bringing Africa to American, one design at a time.”

Ify has also quietly made fashion history by becoming the first child designer to showcase a plus size clothing line at NYFW. It’s no surprise that a young girl who was bullied for the way she looks wanted to use that negative experience as fuel for something positive, and it is a trait we hope to see more of as it is quite a shut-down to any bully of hers.

At the Holiday Inn in Midtown, fashion industry people were treated to a colorful, inclusive and powerful display of what happens when clothing symbolizes more than just outward beauty. Other designers were impressed by this little genius and inspired by her.


Preston Walker, owner and founder of Small Boutique Fashion Week said, “When I see her line, I see a future in the fashion industry.”

And since the show, Ify’s story has been reaching far an wide. The Mayor of Boston and Senator Leroy Comrie recognized Ify for her hard work and leadership. Famous basketball player Anthony Mason Jr from the Miami Heat, as well as hip hop artist Lil Mama were spotted with Ify at a “Ballin’ for Peace” charity event at York College in Queens.

Clearly this is a young girl on a mission to define life on her own terms, and give her bullies a good taste of what life looks like when you focus on the positive. Aside from her burgeoning and already successful fashion design career, Ify also spends her time as an anti-bullying advocate with the BullyChasers movement she started, which you can follow on Instagram.

On her account she uses her voice to spread awareness about gun violence, the effects of bullying, her fashion career and inspire others who may be going through what she is.


“I am 10 years old making power moves while you talk.” she writes on one image of her in the hospital due to a condition she has.

It’s a great reminder to all of us that cyber bullying and harassment is a serious issue, especially because young boys and girls today have the added pressure of social media and the internet to deal with which many of us adults did not have.

It is also a wake up call to reach out to the younger generation who we can see struggling and need our support and mentorship. More than 3.2 million students in the United States are bullied each year, according to, an advocacy group. This needs to chance. Ify’s journey so far shows the power and impact of having a parent, a relative or a friend support you during a touch situation in order to turn it into something positive.

Take a look at her story on the ‘Today’ show:




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