This Workwear Label Combines Feminism & Femininity Into The Core Of Their Brand

By Grace Wheeler & Alexandra Dow, Co-Founders of Poize Workwear

Early into our brand development we ran a survey. We were creating Poize Workwear, a company founded on the principles of feminism and femininity in the workforce, and we wanted to know just how many women, in our demographic, would consider themselves feminist. 

We surveyed 523 New York, professional women age 18-34 and 40% of them said they would not consider themselves feminist. If you are as shocked by that statistic as we were, you’ll be happily reminded that statistics are often bullsh*t. Wanting to get to the root of their responses, we asked a follow up question:  “Why do you not consider yourself feminist?”

The majority of responses to this question didn’t, in fact, preclude these women from our definition of “feminism.” Instead, it became clear that they were based on negative preconceptions of what feminism could mean.

Among the most illuminating comments were:

“Feminists now seems to be so extra – above and beyond. I am just pro woman.”

“I firmly believe in female empowerment; however, I would not label myself a feminist.”

The technical definition of feminism according to google dictionary is simply: “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”  Today, however, feminists have been unfortunately stereotyped, according to a Berry College Women’s Studies article, “as men-hating, bra-burning, anti-feminine, angry individuals.” 

Our conclusion? The word feminism has lost its femininity. Ironically, feminism has become stereotypically masculine. It has somehow departed from its roots and acquired a sour taste. 

Poize is here to put the femininity back in feminism. Femininity is a social construct associated with characteristics such as thought, care and empathy. The foundation of business is built on interpersonal relations and these typically feminine characteristics are intrinsic personality traits needed to develop strong business. Poize encourages women to embrace these characteristics as attributes to success.   

As a brand we aim to empower women as they take on the historically masculine, corporate workforce. Sure, we sell workwear but more importantly than that, we are building a community of strong, independent, successful women. 

We are doing this through: 

1. Our products:

As more women seek high-status, corporate careers in historically male-dominated industries, we hope to provide them with work wear that gives women confidence in their femininity, individuality and style. Fashion is a way to express who you are. 

2. Our models:

We recognize that, like many things in life, body types lie on a spectrum. No one person has the same body as another and that is fabulous! It is our expectation to have models that represent the women we are selling to: curvy, skinny, athletic etc. The entire spectrum – not just the two ends.

3. Our Vision:

We don’t want you to blend into the world – we want you to stand out and be confident in your individuality. We want to get rid of boxy, ill-fitted pant suits that acknowledge equality but not individuality with their more masculine looks. We want you want to you to show off your femininity. 

Poize strives to merge the strength of feminism with the elegance of femininity. Ultimately we sell stylish, professional and budget friendly business clothes, but more importantly than that we are building a community of strong, independent and successful women that stand out! It is our hope that women will acknowledge femininity as an attribute to leadership and success. #feminineandfeminist.

Grace Wheeler and Alexandra Dow are the co-founders of Poize Workwear. Although friends, Grace and Alexandra had no idea that their business related skill sets would be so complementary. Coming from a corporate law experience, Grace offers a structured and critical mindset. Grace is the driving force behind all things Poize. Her ambition, tenacity & passion are unmatched– all traits that become evident as she pitches friends & investors alike. Alexandra is the creative brain behind Poize. Her stylish elegance never fails to catch eyes. She loves all things design & marketing, and thrives on marathon brainstorming sessions. Her past experience in small and large startups gives the team an entrepreneurial advantage, allowing them to pivot, design and adapt on the spot.
You can follow them on Twitter: @poizeworkwear or individually @zannydow and @gvwhee

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