‘Tis The Season To Be Sweet – ChocAmo Founder Michelle Silberman Kickstarts The Holidays


The holidays are upon us and it’s time to sweeten things up around here! We know that many people in our community and among our readership have been reeling from the recent Presidential election that is no doubt going to bring about a lot of change in the US and around the world.

What we want to remind our community of is that those who are dedicated to fostering love, support and inclusion are here to stay. Since it’s the holiday season, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to ignite your taste buds with a new product that is set to revolutionize snack time and chocolate addictions.

Enter ChocAmo, the bitesize cup that is sure to become a dessert favorite for many people during this season, and the coolest thing about the company is that it was founded by a female entrepreneur. Michele Silberman is a Philadelphia-based mastermind behind this product who essentially has made all our childhood dessert dreams come true.


If you grew up eating milk and cookies (or still indulge today!), you will especially love this. Michelle first came up with the idea of combining two dessert items when she was in 7th grade. By the time she was in college at Drexel University taking an entrepreneurship class, Michelle decided to put her idea into action and began experimenting.

The prototype Cookie Cup came about after collaborating with her fellow entrepreneurs, experimenting with chocolate chips and flour. Today the ChocAmo team are running a Kickstarter campaign to take the Cookie Cup from an idea to as many people as possible. With a team of people holding titles such as Dough Master Supreme, Cookie Cutter, and Chief Cookie Officer (that last one is Michelle’s role, obviously!), they want people to start enjoying ChocAmo during the holidays.

Michelle’s idea comes from a desire not just to satiate her sweet tooth but also to honor the legacy into which she was born.


I am a first generation American; while growing up I heard the vast tales of how both sides of my family immigrated here with less than a few dollars to their name. They left their homes, family, friends, belongings and careers. Both sets of my grandparents were driven to make a better life for their next generation, and I feel it is my duty to honor their sacrifice. Their entrepreneurial spirit pumps through my veins, and it inspires me to have their support today,” she told us in an email.
Her family are Russian Jewish and Michelle told us they fought hard for her to have the opportunities she has today. Her grandparents came to America with virtually nothing, and were able to build a future for their family over time. She now feels it is her responsibility to user her education and business opportunities to honor them.

While the plan is to start main distribution by May 2017, if you want to be part of the snack-time revolution and take your chocolate addiction to the next level, you can contribute to the campaign put in a wholesale order by donating through the Kickstarter (and message Michelle on the ChocAmo website directly with specifics about your event) and the team will guarantee to get your request to you during the holidays.

During this period they will have a signature Pumpkin Spice Cookie Cup which pairs well with espresso, whiskey cocktails etc. In the winter holidays they will have a Red Velvet Cookie Cup as well as a Peppermint Bark Cookie Cup.


The name comes from the combination of “chocolate” and “amor” and each cup is designed for you to fill it with whatever tickles your taste buds. The team have put together a list of suggestions for how you can diversify this shared dessert experience. Some of our favorites are the fruity pebbles cereal shot, ice cream cookie sundae, s’mores cocktail and PB&J cookie cupwich.

The holidays are often a good excuse for people to come together and reflect on the year that was. Michelle created ChocAmo because she is passionate about the power of food bringing people together. The cups can be used to raise a toast this season as we reflect on the past 12 months.

“Food has been the centerpiece of connections for so many years in my family and for many others. A smell or a taste can often transport us back to memories we hold so dear. We want ChocAmo to be a centerpiece of the memories people create today and throughout the holidays,” Michelle told us.

While many new entrepreneurs look to the tech sector to bring their ideas to life, Michelle’s greatest tool is the oven, not her computer, proving that great businesses can begin anywhere. You can contribute to the ChocAmo Kickstarter campaign while it is still running by clicking here, and head to their website to get some recipe ideas, and find out you can put in a wholesale order if you want ChocAmo at your holiday party.


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