Watch How Men React When Catcalled By Women On The Street


Hey ladies. Ever been yelled at by men while you are walking down the street? Has it made you feel uncomfortable, objectified and in some ways violated? Well you aren’t alone. The majority of women in the world have experienced some type of sexism in their life while in public.

An advocate group out of the UK called Everyday Sexism have been creating quite a stir by allowing women to share their stories of being objectified by men, and the Guardian has been a huge promoter of what they are doing. The media site decided to turn the tables and show society what it would feel like if men were being objectified by women. And frankly, this video is hilarious! It kinda reminds us of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ video which is a parody of men being objectified instead of women (for a change!).

Leah Green, a video producer from the Guardian stars in this video, where she is seen walking and driving around some busy streets yelling obscenities at men.

“Get yer ass out mate!” she says to a construction worker on the phone as she passes him. She goes up to random strange men saying phrases such as “I really like your trousers, but they’d look better on my bedroom floor.”

The most surprising thing about this experiment is the way the men react. It makes them feel uncomfortable and they all reject her advances. Although there was one guy, when asked if he would go home with Leah right there and then, said yes but that he’d have to go to the bank first (maybe he thought she was a prostitute?).

Everyday Sexism was a movement started by Laura Bates in 2013. She set it up as a site where women could come and share their stories being sexually assaulted, objectified and demeaned in public for being a woman. The response she received was overwhelming, 50,000 and counting,  and it has now become a national movement in the UK.

She recently gave a Ted Talk about Everyday Sexism and how gender imbalance exists all over the world.

In light of this problem, the group aims to raise awareness wherever they can, and also empower women to share their stories. This parody video might be quite funny, except that the statements Leah is yelling aren’t just made up. They are phrases that were reported by women who shared their experiences on the Everyday Sexism site. So men, if you are reading and watching this, just know that this is the kind of bulls#@t women have to deal with. If it makes you uncomfortable-GOOD!

Perhaps this will make all of us think about the way we view the opposite sex. Instead of seeing gender, we should be seeing humanity. Thank you Everyday Sexism project for creating a platform which gives a voice to thousands of women worldwide in the hope that our social environments will be changed in a positive way.

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