What Every Female Leader Can Learn From These 6 Female Superheroes

By Olivia Ryan

Whether you are into comic books or not, we all love a superhero. Every generation finds something exciting and thrilling by watching others save the day and kick some evil guy’s ass.

But, did you know that superheroes are not created to only bring fun to us, but actually serve to empower and inspire us? Besides being a great addiction and boost of our creativity, superheroes are an excellent source of wisdom.

The comic books world is dominated by males. You get Batman, Superman, the Hulk, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, and more and more male superheroes. When asked to name female superheroes, most come up with only one or two, one of them usually being Wonder Woman.

This is probably the first and very obvious similarity between comic books and real world – the number of male leaders still exceeds that of females, and business world remains a harder place to succeed in for women even after all these years.

Knowing this, it is time to look into the several amazing women superheroes the world knows, and learn how they influence the heroines in real life. Here are some inspiring lessons that women can learn from female superheroes.

1. Wonder Woman – Gender Should Not Matter

As we said, Wonder Woman is the most powerful female superhero and role model women look up to. The Amazonian princess goes as far as appearing in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, featuring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot.

Being so popular, Wonder Woman has a lot to teach female leaders. Diana has the strength to give love without discrimination, and feel compassion for other people. Unlike other women who are portrayed in the form of defenseless, vulnerable females, Diana is a proof that gender is not important when it comes to making the world a better place.

So, Wonder Woman is where you start to grasp your powers. In the business world where skills and abilities are key to success, gender should not matter.

2. Jean Grey – Remain True to Yourself

You probably remember the amazing Jean Grey from X-Men, a highly intelligent woman that is second-in-command to Professor Xavier’s in the series. Why? Because this amazing woman is a source of power and inspiration to any female out there, demonstrating how remaining true to yourself under all circumstances is the key to achieving your goals.

3. Storm – Always Think of the Consequences of Your Actions

Being a leader is a tough position, and failing to plan ahead can easily result in failure.

Take example from Storm, yet another X-men female character. Storm was a worshiped rain goddess in a tribe in Africa, feared by all because of her superpowers to control the weather. She started and continued on her journey as a true leader.

Later in the series, Storm became a part of Professor Xavier’s group, and teaches mutant students how to cope with their superpowers. This superhero is an example of a person who takes everything into consideration, and always thinks about the consequences of her actions.

4. She-Hulk – Stand By Your Beliefs

She-Hulk is Hulk’s cousin, the one that turns green whenever angered. You may remember her as that kind lawyer who always fought for the weaker people – the minorities, the mentally ill, and for civil liberties.

What can you learn from She-Hulk?

You can learn to stand by your beliefs and never cave at the will of those who want to see you fail. Also, you can learn to take calculated actions when troubles come along, instead of rushing things. Despite the fact that this superhero has enormous physical strength, she uses wisdom and law to solve things.

5. Black Widow – Use Your Inner Strength to Succeed

The Black Widow from Captain America, as well as multiple other superhero films, is widely popular, starting as a spy for the Soviet Union, and turning into an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. This female superhero is the exact picture of every successful leader out there. She is the most intelligent and powerful heroine of the Marvel universe, and uses her inner strength to achieve greatness.

6. Ms. Marvel –Be Who You Want to Be

Many women struggle with the idea of following their own dreams, and live their lives hiding in the shadow of others. Ms. Marvel, the counterpart of Captain Marvel represents almost every woman out there. She struggles to come out of the main character’s shadow, and fights the expectations of others by becoming who she really wants to be.

In the end, we are all our own kind of a superhero. You may not have superpowers that allow you to change the weather or let you fly, but using your own abilities and traits can make you the greatest female leader that ever lived!




Olivia Ryan is an incurable optimist who always sees the glass as half-full. She likes nature, knows how to enjoy silence and is keen on writing for different websites as well as for aussiewritings.com.


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