What You Need To Know About Cryotherapy Facials

The past several years have seen numerous advancements in the world of skin care, particularly in the area of non-invasive treatments to treat the signs of aging. One of the newest and most promising of these developments is the cryotherapy facial. A cryotherapy facial is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a facial treatment in which an aesthetician applies a controlled dose of liquid nitrogen to the face.

The freezing liquid is said to help tighten pores, reduce inflammation, and even decrease the appearance of wrinkles. A recent study published in Dermatology Surgery found it to be both safe and effective for treatment of forehead wrinkles. Read on for everything you need to know about this innovative new skin treatment.

How it Works

During a cryotherapy facial, a trained provider will use a machine-operated pump to apply a controlled dose of liquid nitrogen to the treatment area. The cold, which is very intense but should not hurt, causes the blood vessels to constrict, which tightens pores and brightens skin. It’s the same effect that movie stars of the 1940s were going for when they dunked their faces in bowls of ice water.

But unlike the short-lived effects of an ice bath, cryotherapy facials create a glow that can last several weeks due to the increased oxygen and blood that rush to the face once the skin and facial muscles are restored to normal temperature. There is also recent evidence to suggest that regular treatments stimulate collagen production, which may result in lasting improvements in skin tightness and texture.

There are no needles or downtime, and no numbing is necessary. In fact, the whole procedure only takes about 15 minutes. Prior to the procedure, clients need to remove jewelry, and put on goggles. The technician will then cleanse the face before applying the liquid nitrogen. Individuals who have had the procedure describe the sensation as being similar to standing outside in very cold weather, or sticking your head into a freezer. Afterward, the technician may perform a full facial or simply apply a moisturizer or serum.

Potential risks

Because a cryotherapy facial is a non-invasive procedure it is possible to have treatment at a med spa or a doctor’s office. It’s important to ensure that the facial provider has trained for use with this device to assure comfort, safety, and optimum results. Side effects are rare, but improper application can result in frostbite or ice burns. Rarely, some patients experience a slight skin discoloration, which may or may not be permanent.

Cryotherapy facials are considered very safe, and there are no contraindications for medical conditions or age. Anyone who is looking to improve skin tone and tightness.

Procedure cost

Cryotherapy facials are an elective medical service, which will not be covered under insurance. The cost for facials varies widely by region and provider, and can range anywhere from under $50 to upwards of $150. It may also be included as part of a package of facial services. Aesthetic providers note that for more lasting results, clients should expect to come in every four to six weeks for re-application. It can be an excellent adjunct to other facial procedures.

A cryotherapy facial may be the best treatment for you if you want younger-looking skin. Make sure to get treated by a professional, and consult your dermatologist to know if this type of facial is right for you. 

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