Why Is It Important For Brands to Include Sun Care For All Skin Tones?

By Nicole McCray

Diversity in the skincare industry quickly gains momentum as more brands include products for different skin tones and skin types. However, product diversity could use some improvement when it comes to sun care. 

More brands need to include sun care products for different skin tones to cater to their customers’ needs. For example, a common myth that people have is that darker skin tones don’t require any protection from the sun. 

The reasoning behind this could be the fact that the effects of the sun, like sunburns, may not be as apparent compared to lighter skin tones. However, darker skin tones also require protection from the sun just as much as lighter skin tones. 

The effects of the sun’s UV rays will cause problems for everyone who doesn’t take time to protect their skin. But, again, there is no bias involved, which means all skin tones require daily sunscreen and sunblock to help keep the skin healthy. Here are some reasons brands should include sun care for all skin tones.

To Help Prevent Early Signs of Aging

Sun exposure can cause wrinkles and fine lines to the skin, contributing to early signs of aging. In addition, the UV rays from the sun damage the collagen found in the skin and weaken its regenerative cells. The damage caused to the skin loosens the elasticity and results in loose skin and other signs of aging. 

Using sun care products is essential to help avoid these effects and ensure that the skin stays healthy. Sunscreens are designed to provide a layer of protection to the skin preventing the UV rays from having any significant impact on the skin. 

In addition, with sun care products primarily formulated for different skin tones, preventing signs of aging becomes easier and accessible to everyone.

To Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Getting your sun time every day is a great thing, and it boosts your immune system significantly. However, it is essential to ensure that this is done safely and with great precaution. Using sun care products will help you take advantage of the sun without worrying about any adverse effects.

Without proper sun care measures, you risk damaging your DNA and skin cells, resulting in skin cancer. Skin cancer is a condition that can be pretty detrimental to your health and also your confidence. 

Brands can help avoid this by providing quality sun care products developed with the right ingredients. Additionally, having these sun care products for different skin tones is an excellent step since the effects of the sun applies to all without any bias. 

Promote Diversity and Inclusivity

We have seen makeup brands flourish with products designed for different skin tones. In addition, makeup brands have tapped into product diversity and continue to offer quality options to all customers interested in spicing up their looks. 

For skincare brands, considering different skin tones will help to bring in diversity and inclusivity when developing quality sun care products. Lighter and darker skin tones alike will feel included and invest in the health of their skin. 

To Help Avoid Sunburns and Sun Spots

Most times, when we talk of the effects of sun exposure without protection, you’ll find that people will immediately think of sunburns. This is because sunburns manifest faster than other effects of prolonged exposure to UV rays. 

With the right sunscreen, sunburns and sunspots can be prevented and healed. This is why having sun care products for different skin tones is essential. 

Neglecting to address sunburns can lead to more damage than just interfering with the natural appearance of the face. Sunburns damage the skin cells and eventually lead to skin cancer if not taken seriously. 

Avoid Hyperpigmentation

Prolonged exposure to the sun can change your skin tone and result in hyperpigmentation. In addition, the effects of the sun on your skin will not be uniform, which means you’ll have areas that look normal while others aren’t your natural tone. 

Hyperpigmentation generally results from excessive production of melanin due to unprotected sun exposure. The effects of the excess melanin are seen on the face in the form of dark patches in different areas. 

To avoid hyperpigmentation, you will need to use quality sunscreens to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. In addition, suncare products developed for different skin tones will come in handy to maintain your skin’s natural tone and help heal any hyperpigmentation. 

Protect From Redness and Irritation

Moisture loss is expected when the skin is exposed to the sun’s UV rays without any prior protection from sun care products. In addition, when the skin dries out, it tends to develop an irritation that later turns into redness. 

The irritation and redness will be visible to all skin tones and is a very uncomfortable experience that may become quite painful. Therefore, when you go through your morning skincare routine, your goal should be to moisturize your skin and maintain its moisture throughout the day. 

Suncare products will be required to help you maintain your skin’s moisture, and you should use them often. In addition, when brands include suncare products for different skin tones, they help ensure that their customers can address issues of redness and irritation. 

Maintain Quality Standards All Through

Sunscreens and sunblocks are incredible products that come with different SPF levels to allow you to choose which one works best for you. However, when looking for sunscreen, you have probably seen people talking about their sunscreens leaving a “white cast”. 

This white cast can be annoying and may ruin your look completely. Therefore, you may opt to forego the sunscreen and risk the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. 

If brands decided to formulate sunscreens for different skin tones, it would adequately address these issues. Therefore, as the buyer and user, you’ll go straight to the products tailored to your skin type and tone. With the specific formulations, you’ll find that these sunscreens absorb into the skin and work to ensure that you are well protected throughout the day. 

Nicole McCray is a content creator who spends her time writing about everything, including beauty, health and wellness, pet care, music, movies, and TV. She writes for various blogs and loves using her insight to help any audience.