Why Moissanite Engagement Rings Are The Perfect Choice For Ethical-Conscious Couples

Moissanite engagement rings are a popular choice for many couples today. While moissanite may not carry the same cultural significance as diamonds, it’s still a desirable choice for many couples. They don’t require mining and can save a couple a lot of money. The moissanite diamond is 1.3mm thick, which means it’ll be more affordable than a traditional diamond engagement ring.

Sustainable Than Diamond:

As an ethically sourced gemstone, Moissanite is far more sustainable than a diamond. It’s grown in labs using advanced equipment and ethically sourced materials. Many people worry that buying a blood diamond will cause conflict, but moissanite engagement rings are not sourced from conflict zones. These benefits and more make this gemstone a great choice for your engagement ring. Not only does it look and feel beautiful, but Moissanite is free from exploitation and can be traded and sold as an investment.


Another benefit of a Moissanite solitaire ring is its durability. Moissanite is the second hardest gemstone after diamond and rates at 9.25 on the Mohs scale. Because it’s so hard, moissanite is a great choice for everyday wear. It doesn’t break easily, unlike diamonds, which are the hardstones of the world. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain.

Best Option for Budget-Conscious People

Compared to diamonds, Moissanite costs less than a tenth of the cost, making it a viable choice for a budget-conscious couple. This means you save a lot of money, which as a new couple can be put toward important budgetary items such as a rainy day fund, or a house.

One of the best benefits of a Moissanite engagement ring is that it sparkles more than a diamond. A stone’s brilliance is measured by its ability to reflect light, and Moissanite sparkles brighter than a diamond does. This makes it the ideal choice for those who cannot afford a diamond. Because of its superior clarity, Moissanite is much more durable than a diamond.

Beautiful Appearance

If you are concerned about the appearance of your ring, you can easily clean it using a soft-bristled toothbrush, or simply wipe it dry with a paper towel. Moissanite can become cloudy over time, but it can be easily cleaned without damaging the stone. In addition, Moissanite can last a lifetime, as long as you choose a quality metal for the setting.

Another benefit of Moissanite is that it’s resistant to chipping and breaking. Its exceptional light return makes it appear as if it sparkles in every light. Unlike a diamond, which is very hard and expensive, moissanite is much less likely to break when handled incorrectly. The price advantage is another reason to purchase a Moissanite engagement ring.

Because Moissanite is not naturally occurring, it’s extremely rare. The next natural deposit of moissanite isn’t expected for fifty years. Because there is no available moissanite in nature, it’s impractical to use it as a decorative gemstone. Scientists, however, have developed a way to artificially create the stone in a laboratory, thereby achieving the beauty and brilliance of a diamond at a fraction of the cost.