Why Writers & Proofreaders Should Look After Their Health

The limitations of the working world have definitely expanded thanks to the digital age. Having traits and experience that are beneficial to any remote or tech job is something that any employer can appreciate. One area in which a lot more jobs have opened up is the proofreading and writing industries. Although these roles have been around for decades, there are now more opportunities for people to do these jobs for a living full-time. There is so much written content online, and the demand for daily publications is so high. This means there are always going to be companies that need content to be written.

With so many people looking to fill these roles, you might find it to be a competitive scene. This means you will need to stand out from the rest so that any prospective employer will consider you at the top of your field. One of the most overlooked ways of ensuring you perform to the best of your abilities is giving yourself the breaks that you need. If writers or proofreaders are not giving themselves the necessary periodic breaks, they could land themselves in trouble. Here are some of the many reasons to take care of your physical health while working as a proofreader: 

Poor Posture, Stiffness, & Cramp

It doesn’t really matter if you are working in an office or at home, you are going to be sitting at a desk and behind a computer for your working day. Of course, this is the reality for so many people. However, it can still be quite an uncomfortable situation to work in. Especially if you don’t practice good posture, stiffness and cramps are likely occurrences. So one of the main reasons why getting periodic breaks is important is to stretch out. 

Your body needs to keep loose and relaxed to avoid discomfort. As someone who works in this area, you should be doing research to see what stretches would benefit you. Some people might feel they need to stretch out some muscles more than others, so target the affected areas with the most attention. 


Proofreading can at times be boring or repetitive. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t dedicated to your work or show a lack of ambition. It is fairly common in this line of work. A break can help to prevent this from happening, however. By taking breaks, you are going to give your mind a chance to reset. This means when you do return, you will be more enthusiastic and engaged with your work, which in turn will result in a better performance. 

There are numerous actions you can take to break up the monotony of the day or task. You can do some 5-minute yoga, meditate for 20 minutes, or even take a walk outside and enjoy some fresh air. These are great ways to refresh and recharge the body and mind and get the brain working again.

If you are looking for something more engaging or fun for a short break, you might want to do a puzzle like sudoku, play Wordle, or even have a quick round of your favorite mobile game. There are certain games, like Battle Royale games or first-person shooters, that last anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, which can be great fun if you’re short on time during your break. Plus, you can also play classic casino games such as casino slots and roulette – these are quick to play, and the rounds are typically shorter, unlike slower-burning table games such as poker and blackjack. 

Lunch Breaks and Hydration Are Often Overlooked

In order for your mind to be capable of doing a job to a top standard, you need to make sure that you are taking good care of your body. This is why you will aspire to use your break to make sure that you are fueled up with a good lunch and putting effort into your hydration. Whether you bring your lunch to work with you prepared at home or go to the local cafe, it doesn’t matter. 

All you want from your lunch is to be enjoyable and to give you the ample energy for the day. Being properly hydrated is also going to make sure that you can think that bit clearer and feel fresher and more ready for the remainder of your shift.  

Exercise Can Become a Lower Priority 

It might be a good idea for you to get some exercise while on your break as a writer or proofreader. As mentioned above, in this role, there can be a lot of physical stiffness. This is why some light exercise might do you some good. Get out in the fresh air and go on a brisk walk. Getting the blood flowing around the body should make you feel better, as well as give you a much-needed break from a screen.

Brain Fatigue Is a Real Problem

Particularly if you are a proofreader, working for too many hours in a row could affect how you do your job. Looking at words on a screen for hours on end, you might find it harder to identify mistakes and issues within text. This is why you should try and take as many breaks as you can, looking away from your screen and focusing on something else. 

By taking care of your physical and mental health, you can perform much better in your job as a proofreader without experiencing boredom or burnout.