Women Entrepreneurs Who Chose Their Own Path To Success

Although women have made incredible strides toward progress and equality, there is still a long way to go to see complete societal change. In a number of industries, we see a lack of women in leadership positions adding to the systemic problems. For women who do see success in their career and launch their own companies or ascend to high leadership positions, other problems such as sexism become barriers that they must face. Thankfully, we have more and more examples of women in leadership and in the entrepreneur world that can serve as role models of how to overcome barriers.

As many successful entrepreneurs will tell you, there is no magic trick to find success; it takes a lot of hard work and a bit of luck. But again, luck favors those who work hard. In spite of all the labels, and difficulties that lay in front of them, some women bring their idea to life and make it work for years to come.

Check out some of these successful women who started their own businesses:

Melissa Galt

The life coach who builds boutique businesses out of your ideas. She has the right contacts and can get you started immediately. This did not come easily to her as she worked for 6 days straight while working 15 hours a day. But she did it and inspires every entrepreneurial woman to do the same.

Sophia Amoruso 

“Never give up, don’t take anything personally and do not take no for an answer,” says Sophia who founded Nasty Girl in 2006. She loved vintage attire and thought it best to plunge into it. Soon she found out that she was not the only one who loved vintage. This helped her grow her interest into a grand business.

Sue Zimmerman

Had art as a passion but that gave her the confidence to start her own business at a young age. Sue now helps people to market their business on Instagram with her special analytics team.

Tiffany Angeles

Gave up her secure corporate job to start something on her own. It was very difficult she agrees to give up what you know will secure your future and go into the unknown. Yet she took the chance and today she is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs who is a life coach that teaches how to make more money and discover your worth.

Yasmine Khater

Knew her corporate job too well when she was at the verge of giving it up. Even though she gave up her job she wanted to leverage her experience and that happened when she began coaching small business owners about how to build their sales processes to get the best systems to stay in business and beat time.

Mary Ellen Sheets

There are also a number of women-owned moving companies out there. With a burning desire to start something new, they began their own moving company not knowing that they would excel in the field. Mary Ellen Sheets started Two Men and a Truck as a side business with a job as an analyst and when she was up for promotion, she left her job to get her moving company as one of the best in the country that gave her an annual revenue of $442 million.

If you have an idea for a business and are determined to overcome barriers, with enough hard-work and seeking out the right opportunities, you can find your own way to success.

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