5 Essential Linen Items For Your Summer Wardrobe

For warm weather clothing, linen is one of the best fabrics you can wear to keep you cool on those sweltering days. Unlike most textiles, linen has a breathable slightly open weave to the fabric, making it feel even cooler than cotton. One of the bonus points about linen is its lack of clinginess. Being a slightly stiffer fabric than most, it allows for air to circulate as you wear it. 

It’s also sustainable: unlike synthetic fabrics like polyester that involve the use of plastics in production, linen is made from flax plants. If you’ve never bought a piece of linen clothing and you’re not sure where to start, these are the five essential items to add to your collection, including tips on how to style them.


With the exception of classic striped linen (which always looks great in summer), most of the following items tend to come either in neutral shades or block colors that create the perfect backdrop for accessories. Opposites attract, so the plainer the outfit, the bolder you can go: think statement earrings, cocktail rings or a chunky necklace.

1. Blazer

    One factor that often puts people off the idea of wearing linen is how easily it creases. While there is a knack to pressing linen and keeping it looking fresh, a blazer is a great entry-level item, as these tend to be of sturdier construction and slightly thicker fabric than most other items, making them less likely to crease throughout the day. Linen blazers can be bought by themselves, but for maximum versatility, consider purchasing a suit to wear together or as separates.

    2. Dress

      Few other things say “summer” than a cheery sundress, especially one that’s made from linen. If you’re in the market for your perfect summer dress, linen dresses come in a range of lengths and styles to accommodate all body types and style preferences. For an easy day-to-night look (perfect for vacation season), pair with sunglasses and metallic sandals (heel optional) by day, then for evening, just swap out the sunnies for a pair of fancy earrings and a statement lip.

      3. Pants

      Linen pants feel super comfortable on warm weather days, particularly the looser-fit wide leg styles that feel almost like pajamas, but more chic. They’re also versatile: pick a neutral go-with-everything color like black, gray, taupe, or white, and wear with a tank top for a casually cool daytime look. Alternatively, switch up your look with a pair of heels and your sparkliest jewelry for a summer twist on the classic “jeans and a nice top” formula. 

      4. Skirt

      Linen skirts can also be dressed up or down depending on which style you choose (as a general rule, the plainer the item, the more wearability it has, which tends to be true for most minimalist linen items). A linen skirt paired with a graphic tee and sneakers is a great, easy-breezy everyday look; just  perfect for running errands in, while adding heels helps to elevate the look. 

      5. Jumpsuit

      Long or cropped, sleeved or strappy, jumpsuits are perfect for those days when it’s too hot to think about what to wear. On cooler days, a linen jumpsuit looks darling layered over a striped breton top, but once things start to heat up, it works equally well when worn with one or two pieces of jewelry or a belt to break the line of the outfit.

      Linen Laundry Tips 

      While it may be one of the easier fabrics to wear during summer, knowing how to care for linen clothing can be a little more challenging if you’re not sure how. Since linen can shrink when washed in hot water, the best way to launder it is either by hand or on a delicate cycle with cold water and a mild detergent. Avoid heat by air drying.

      Hanging up your linen items to dry also helps to remove wrinkles, but if you decide to use a steamer, patch test on an inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t damage the fabric. For ironing, always use the lowest possible heat setting, and if ironing, turn inside out and spritz with water first. For more style inspiration, head over to Quince, where you’ll find a fabulous range of linen pieces that look as cool as they feel.