FEMINIST FRIDAY: New Comedy Web Series Shows Feminists Infiltrating The Party Princess Industry

Gita Miller as Sauda | Photographer: Julian Stamboulieh | Logo by Angelina Doherty

Welcome to another Feminist Friday column! That part of the week where we geek out and fangirl over our fave videos of the moment. This week we’re checking out a couple of new comedy web series, one that has been released and one that is in the works but needs YOUR help in spreading the word in order to get the funding they need to finish production. We’re also sharing the trailer for a female-driven documentary that just won an award at the 2019 Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival, an event every female filmmaker and creator should have on their radar!

First up is the ‘Party Princess’ web series, created by Canadian Denise White. After encountering a princess at her niece’s birthday party, a staunch young feminist plots to infiltrate the party princess world and take it down from the inside. The series features a female-dominated cast of incredible Montreal talent (including ‘District 31’s Charlotte Legault, ‘Mohawk Girls’ Brittany Leborgne and ‘On The Basis of Sex’s Gita Miller) and is in the running for financing with the Independent Production Fund. Throughout the month of March, eligible series need to generate high engagement and demonstrate that the community has a desire for the content, which is why we are helping to spread the word.

In our ongoing mission to support female-lead and female-helmed content, these are the types of opportunities and projects we should all be supporting more. If you like what you see of the 2 minute teaser below, be sure to share the video far and wide on social media using the hashtag #partyprincess!

The second video this week is also a female-driven web series, created by and starring female talent. ‘Tracy Buckles’ is the brain child of Robin Nyström, which has been described as a mash-up between Harry Potter and a Judd Apatow comedy. Starring newcomer Ana Lake as a fierce and dynamic female lead, this award-winning fantasy series is sure to get you hooked, especially since you can watch the whole season on the website.

In a world where spells and potions are commonplace, a young woman named Tracy Buckles is struck by a despicable curse that prevents other people from hearing her voice. She joins forces with a nameless drifter and a bumbling wizard in order to break free from the evil sorcery. With plenty of irreverent humor and a sprinkle of magic, ‘Tracy Buckles’ tells an epic story across six fast-paced episodes. Watch episode 1 below:

The final video this week is a trailer for an inspiring and powerful documentary called ‘Afghan Cycles’, which is now available to watch in full. A film from director, producer and cinematographer Sarah Menzies, this documentary follows a generation of Afghan women who are pedaling their own revolution, aggressively challenging gender and cultural barriers using the bicycle as a vehicle for freedom, empowerment and social change.

Recently, Sarah won the Leslie J. Sacks Grand Prize Award at the Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival, which is a fitting accolade for a film that is going to change hearts and minds.

“The bicycle has played a major role in many moments of women’s empowerment throughout history in terms of freedom of mobility and independence, yet there are still countless barriers to entry for women trying to ride all over the world. We are excited to release this film on International Women’s Day because it celebrates the impact the bicycle can have in a woman’s life,” said the director.

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